1. The casinos especially the Crookedfords took a free roll, plain and simple with him. The British ones treat gambling with them like a club. Part of being in the club in fine print is not to do any advantage play. Ivey's natural greed is what did him in. If he had stayed put in the states he could have kept what he won at Borgata. As soon as he was challenged for his winnings overseas Borgata in the states said yeah let's sue him since he lost case overseas. Total shame really cause he didn't cheat like stated.

  2. So he beats all the pros then he beats the casino and they say he’s cheating. It’s the casinos that are cheating If he lost millions he would have a plane waiting for him at every airport in the world he would have the finist his room , a car at the airport no Doubt

  3. Everyone can understand that the casino is rig because it seem like no player should able to beat the casino, so if that’s the case that mean the casino rig again the players so if you’re smart enough to beat the casino then you must be cheating so if that’s the case everyone was running the casino should go to prison because you have been cheating millions of million of people over the years since casino has been established in the in the United States

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  5. I love how outta nowhere they're like "So how has your skin color impacted your success" and Phil's just like "….uh….it hasn't?" 😂👌that's why Phil's a great success dude doesn't view himself as a victim limited by something silly like his appearance, man was 100% on the money the only color people see in poker is Green (and red when they're losing all that money 😂)

  6. Everyone here is dumb casino cant complain of fair play when statically the games are fixed to the casinos favor so from the very beginning the casino cheats. And breaks this fair contract.

  7. Just for anybody watching this currently, Phil “lost” in both suits. The London Crockfords Casio never had to pay Phil his winnings and Phil was forced to pay the Botgata $10.1 million. Fact is, the house always wins.

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