1. You need JESUS. Pray to HIM, HE loves you.
    When you die as we ALL will soon. 99.9 sooner than they think πŸ€” ..you will kneel before JESUS. Romans 10:5/10. The One and only true Son of GOD Almighty, all others are false..we are all sinners and need JESUS. JESUS was crucified on the cross at Calvary and then on the third day rose again, for you and I (John 3:16). So, Choose this day whom you'll serve. For if you don't it will be chosen for you and that is HELL
    Arguing with me is silly at best. Bc I'm just the messenger…
    Please call .
    83.For.Truth.☎️.πŸ‘……. ……….

  2. Greetings, Prince Cheetos The Baccarat Player !! Do NOT pay anymore attention to the haters man. Just keep doing you.
    These broke people are miserable in life.
    They pull their phones πŸ“ž out just to send you hate comments to feel better about themselves AND they are jealous of your Luxurious Lifestyle! They have NOTHING in life ! I have watched you for ( TWO ) years now and am very PROUD of you and your achievements.
    I AM A Prince Cheetos The Baccarat Player Fanboy until the day I DIE!!
    OR get all timers whichever comes first 🀣🀣 😎

    I send you email sometime.
    I hope it doesn't go into spam because I never hear from you then.

  3. Mister Cheetos 🀠 brother of Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Sweden has secretly transformed into a living dead, a Vampire πŸ¦‡ named Prince 🀴 of Darkness, Count Dracula! In the day with curtains drawn, he plays Baccarat! In the night, he goes hunting for victims as he's a blood thirsty Vampire πŸ¦‡! True or false? TQ

  4. The Baccarat World 🌎 is waiting for his Royal Highness Sheikh Osama bin Laden aka King πŸ‘‘ Cheetos 😈 of Darkness to post LIVE Baccarat broadcast again like the good old days! Anyway, Sweden lost in Euro 2020 to Ukraine this morning due to Zlatan Ibrahimovic aka King πŸ‘‘ Cheetos 🀠 not playing! True or false? TQ

  5. Coach 12 O'clock High said the King πŸ‘‘ of the Baccarat Temple of Darkness Count Dracula Cheetos 😈 is last man standing in the mother of all battles! True or false? TQ

  6. Amen greed is the enemy… after ur met ur daily goal theres the small part of u telling urself just 1 more just 1 more πŸ˜‚ next thing u know ur Bankroll gone n ur in ur car crying n telling urself what just happened 🀣

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