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  1. Playing baccarat for my experience martingale is not good for 1st time players. You have to know how to read the board or trend. You have to practice your skills if you wanna survive in this business. Keep that grind going bro more power and blessing to you.

  2. I just started learning baccarat in November and struggled with it…..eventually I started winning by playing small $5 , $10 bets. I built it up to $4,000. But in May I ran into a 10+ banker streak and I lost everything playing Martingale. So I know exactly how you felt. I couldn't believe it….it was so defeating. A year's work and learning out the window. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Hello Bro chris! I feel you bro. Same as you i lost $600 using martingale strat in under 1hour at that night! I think bro im in a nightmare at that night and i dont know what to do after i lost that money and also im a beginner doing martingale strat. I hope someday i will buy your baccarat winning strategy bro? But thanks bro! Godbless!

  4. Played baccarat for the first time ever and turned 2000 into 20,000 in one shoe. Should've Left. Lost all but 200. The chop got me too. And the Corona. However, the next day I checked my comp balance and it was $10k. They made a mistake giving me that many comps. Good thing the gift shop sold gold bracelets so I converted those comps into 5k in cash at the pawn shop! 😂

  5. Baccarat games are all being control on every hand. I used to win every time, but that was 3 years ago. Well the good part is that the casino have to let you win 1 shoe sometimes so you will still believed that you really can win. This was my experiences. I mean You will lose & tie only up until your money is all gone. How can you lose & tie up to 25 different games when it's 50/50?

  6. Been there 2 bro. I turned 200 to 4k then next day lost it all on 3 tables. Something was strange, however I never would take a 10k loan. Thanks for sharing bro. I never done that strategy either. Painful bro. You have to play the chop and the pattern till it stops.

  7. Did you stay or go home? It's a lonely hotel stay after a loss like that!
    I've done it before with $5,000, but it was $5,000 I was already up.
    You're right… CC loans are a bad choice… 10% in fees plus interest!

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  9. I was playing craps at a casino and it was my turn to roll. After I set the point, the guy next to me laid $10,000 against 10 (betting I would roll a 7 before a 10). Right then I rolled a 10 and the guy lost his $10,000. He gets again laying $10,000 against 10 and again I rolled a 10. Two 10s in a row! He bets another $10k against 10 amd I said "sir please dont make that bet Im goimg to roll another 10" and he says just roll man. So I rolled and sure enough it was a third 10 in a row. I made this guy lose $30,000 in 3 rolls. So Christopher dont feel too bad because you did much better than he did.

  10. According to those TOP Professionals Gamblers said that’s C.Mitchell had broken the basic rules as a Pro. Gambler. Once U’ve set the Limitation certain amounts whether U’re winnings or loosing U must stop immediately & gets away from the War Zone ( Casino ).& I’m very sure that’s as a Pro.Gambler shouldn’t set such a high Limitation for the loses while the winnings is about 10% of your Capitals before U steps out the Casinos.

  11. My fiance just went through exactly what you did in just a matter of hours he lost $9,000 on baccarat so thats when I decided to research the game and find out how to win and I came across your videos and I have tried several times to tell him to try your method and he made an attempt but reverted back to his own way of playing and maybe one day he will do exactly how you do it to win

  12. Yes Chris I’ve done the same thing . I borrowed money on my card as cash advance and I lost all of it so I had to pay back plus interest and it took me along time to pay back so I learned my lesson the had way like you . Never borrow money on cash advance card. I feel your pain. Have a great day. God bless

  13. You videos are very inspiring. I lost some money in online casinos and think that online one never can have an edge over the casino and stopped gambling. Will try my luck in real casinos again but first will have to study the games better in order to have a chance to win.

  14. Yes feels like shit losing or 15thousand 1 night thinking how can i do that i wasn't thinking it was more of a emotional lost because i had on 40,000 one night with 1000 got lucky hit panda and dragon

  15. I'm slightly confused with the strategy. I certainly get the trends you are are talking about. But isn't the probability of any ONE given hand 50/50? So just because the trends exist, if it's gone Banker an astounding 8 times in a row,there is no guarantee it's not going to go Banker the 9th, or vice versa.

    It's like every time I see RED hit a bunch of times at roulette. Everyone runs up and loads up on black……."RED 23" lol. But either way I like your attitude and the content. I might consider trying the strategy with micro stakes

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