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Salutations friends! Ok, so when MFK announced the new range in their Baccarat Rouge 540 collection some of you guys asked for me to review the body oil! So I got the body oil and the hair mist to review for you guys today! 😀

MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait VS EdP

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-Primer- Milk Makeup Blur Stick
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-Blush – Becca, Be the Light Palette
-Finishing Powder- La Mer, The Powder
-Highlighter- Becca Cosmetics, Champagne Pop
-Lipstick- Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Calabasas
-Eyes- ABH Modern Renassaince palette
-Eyeliner – Clio, Kill It Black Liner
-Mascara- Wet n Wild, Megalength Mascara
-Brows- Benefit Precision Brow Pencil, 5 & ABH Clear Brow Gel

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  1. Just some constructive criticism because you seem kinda over it as well…..the whole schpeel of "if you want to know more about….then just keep watching" and the odd fade out to literally the exact same moment….is rather unnecessary. We know.

  2. You gotta try DUA's version of Baccarat 540. It's called Casino Royale, and they have the Extrait version called Casino Royale Nights. I own MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP and have gotten many compliments from the ladies, even the guys like it too. But ever since i got my hands on DUA's interpretation of Baccarat i was stunned how close they got it to the original. It's a bit sweeter and lasts about and hour longer than Baccarat 540. I had a sample of the Extrait version and i didn't quite like it. DUA's version of the Extrait which is Casino Royale Nights smells much better imo. I even get more compliments from these clones than the original. I read Alexandria Fragrances has their own version too called Interplay but i have not tried that yet.

  3. I’ve only just discovered this one, when they gave me a spray on the card I literally could not smell it. I put the hair mist in my hair, and not until I was outside could I smell the scent! Again the next morning I kept smelling my hair. It’s divine. I’m confused by your review because I don’t find it that strong or overpowering, nor sweet, more musk/woody.

  4. about 2 years ago I was in the mall shopping and i came across this scent not knowing anything about it, I was just walking around spraying shit lol. When I first sprayed it I smelled absolutely nothing and I kept it moving. The next day I smelled a indescribable smell on my cardigan that was BEAUTIFUL, and I knew exactly what it was. I rushed back to the mall to find it but when I saw that price I said “fuc* you mr Maison francis and put that shit right tf down hunny.

    Long story short I just finally purchased a bottle. It definitely plays peek-a-boo but the smell is amazing… it took me a few times wearing it to love it again

  5. I love how humble and down to earth you are. Thanks for reviewing the body oil. I heard that the oil goes rancid after a month of opening it, what's your experience on this?

  6. But like does the body oil get layered with it or do you spray that instead of cologne — seems like it’ll smell good but how and when would i wear it

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