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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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  1. Debbies 6 is much safer then Juan’s 4. I’ve seen 10 & 11 many times and 12, 13 & 14 a lot less.

    If you’ve got 4 games running on Stadium you can wait for 6, 7 or 8 with 6-7 marties. You’ll be much safer.

  2. i haven't played this for a while and i've been looking at so many stretegies in the last month or so that i foergot a lot of this. but couldn't you look for 3 and 6 opposites to show up in addition to matches? i'm guessing the odds will be the same and you can generate bets faster.

  3. lets say I do the martingale I win a few times like 10 times in a row lets say but what are you supposed to do when you go bust and you are out a few 1000 dollars , because it will happen eventually because it dose not matter if you play one hand a day for 100 days or a 100 hands in one day the math is the math nothing changes it.

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