Quicksilver’s turn has arrived, and in retrospect, I did not bring the things necessary to allow her to go full power.

As for the Ram, it has a variety of weapons it uses that do different things. They can get somewhat annoying, so you will want to pop them when the opportunity presents itself. Unlike the Ram to come, this one is just a single target without any annoying setup, keeping things somewhat simple.

As for Quicksilver, she uses the combo mechanic where she can chain attacks together, basically playing a long series of cards that will eat away at her as she mauls something, ending with a finisher. The problems with her are that it is difficult to get the cards you need unless you get a specific ongoing early, and she has to hurt herself to go crazy with combos. However, since so many of her cards have the One-Shot keyword, she can combo hard with SS Tachyon.

As for Tango, this is the delayed damage variant. As long as nothing interrupts your power plays, she can put enemies through a world of hurt. Her vulnerability though is the delayed damage, so if you amp her damage, you need to hope she doesn’t hit herself or something else out of turn. It is a decent variant, but there are others I like better.

As for Baccarat, this one revolves around spamming Trick cards to get additional draws. If you get lucky with the right string of cards, you can do some crazy stuff with him, but he is pretty unreliable overall. I would not say this is not his worst, but compared to how broken some of his other stuff is, this one lags behind.

I still for the most part hate Mara. This one allows you to reclaim relics, so she can work with Ra, Fanatic, and maybe the Void Guard (I need to double check their stuff). If not with them, her power simply becomes a card draw and you’re reliant on her other effects to be relevant.

Finally, this is the “Pokemon Trainer” version of Necro. You can play all the zombies you want, and then pop your power and they will attack for you. The trick to this variant though is that you need to make sure you only have your card draw ritual out, otherwise all of the effects are reflected back at you. So get your ghouls out and hope they can stay out.

As for the environment, this one punishes this variant of Tango One with out of turn self damage. Baccarat can fall into the trap too, but I rarely recommend using his Euchre for the damage buff. Other than those, there are artifacts you can find that give additional effects if you don’t lose them. Sometimes they can backfire horribly, so do treat them with care.

Otherwise, this turns out being one of the much closer games I’ve played. The damage reduction and other effects the Ram can get make it extremely annoying to deal with.


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