Hello darlings! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on BACCARAT ROUGE 540 in SCENT TALK episode 5! I hope you guys enjoy this video and i can’t wait to see you in the next one!!

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Baccarat Rouge 540

Ariana Grande Cloud

Burberry Her

Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on purchasing the MFK samples! So if anyone is interested in purchasing a sample of Baccarat, you can order it directly from MFK website 🌟🌟🌟

  2. I smelled to original and had a sample of it and it smells amazing… but i wont buy the travel size either.. that cost also alot for only a small bottle is not that worthy prefer the bottle. So yess I dont mind dupes and clones of baccarat rouge 540. Yes dupes are more affortables inspired of baccarat rouge & clones maybe a copy. But if they smell similar to the OG and has long longetivity also. Than why not buy the cheaper one. Not all of people(like me) can not affort 250 to 600 euro/dollar perfume. For some people 600 euro is a month rent 😅. So you got to choose between rent or perfume. But i do have to say i have to buy the Baccarat Rouge perfume atleast once in my life. Not right now hopefully in the future. Because that fragnance of this perfume is truelly amazing 😍😍

  3. Hi Rhonda!! It’s so funny that you are reviewing Bond no 9 Greenwich Village because it’s next on my list. I prefer a fresh scent. I’m not a fan of sweet scents. ❤️ Great Video and right on time for me!

  4. I have MFK, and the bond no. 9. I love them both. Have you tried bond no. 9 tribecca, of mfk gentle fluidity. I have my eye on the 540 extrait that is a pretty penny so I am pacing myself.

  5. Good Evening Ronda, You wouldn't believe i just picked up a 6ml of Greenwich Village, Scent of peace, Bleecker Street and also from the House of Parfums de Marly, Pegasus. What you think im a Newbie at this any recommendations or both Houses What do your husband like Bond No. 9 and does he wear Parfums De marly. Peace and blessings let me know what you think and please if you can recommend some. 💯♥️

  6. Should I splurge on Baccarat Rouge or just go with something from the House of Bond No 9 or PDM Baccarat it's a little expensive but where do you pick yours up and what size of Baccarat. 💯♥️

  7. Rhonda you are going to be mind blown. Alexandria fragrances or Be layered has a inspiration for Bacarat rouge 540 and the Extrait version. And. I did exactly the same thing as you on comparing.I bought a sample of Bacarat R540 and compared "Interplay Extrait" …cannot smell any diferences like a 97% dupe. Try it out mama you will be thanking me i promise….XOXO

  8. I have the red baccarat rouge 540 and it’s really nice smell
    Before I uploaded my video about a fragrance of mine,I’m watching many video from you…giving me many idea before I took a video.. girl you nailed every video you do. Much love ❤️

  9. BR 540, Pine Tree??? Woods??? Whaaaaattt are you talking about??? That's just crazy and you keep repeating "woody". It is NOT at all woody. Not in the least. The best description is burnt sugary cotton candy. What in the world is wrong with your nose? You should see a Doctor, an ENT more specifically. I mean woods and a Pine Tree???? NO, NO, NO. Not even close!

  10. Just ordered 4 samples! Thank you for the information regarding ordering samples direct from the website! If I don’t like it, at least it’s only 20$ CAD 😎✨

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