1. Interesting man..
    I just follow the house or chop after a win.
    I've learned it's best not to follow or stay on one side too long .. It's always best to stick and move.
    If you want.. I can send you some info..
    Looking forward to hearing from you..

  2. Here's my tweak: $70 divided by a $5 base bet means you have to win 14 times to make goal or you can make your base bet $14 and win 5 times to make goal…see how that works for you if you want

  3. Simple but not effective. And using a Marty is suicide. Don't do it people. Ask me how I know. Actually don't. The memories are too painful. This method will not work in the long run. It. Just. Won't.

  4. Thanks for the video Lou, I just stumbled up on it tonight. I've been gambling well over 30 years playing poker and blackjack at brick and mortar casinos. No, I haven't won every time, but overall I've had more good days than bad days because I know when to get up. This blasted Covid crap has got me started playing online and I'm not sure I fully trust these sites. That said, I've been looking for a way to make a few extra bucks and I thought I'd try Baccarat. I completely quit playing online poker because there are so many of these guys running HUD software, I don't think you can consistently win, not to mention losing your shirt along the way. Anyway when I found your video I thought this guy seems straightforward , the system made sense, and he's not trying to sell me anything so I'll give his ideas a try. Like you, I can't sit around and twiddle my thumbs for 13 hands before getting back in the game like the guys in the other video recommend. I thought I would tell you your system worked for me. I played $5 a hand because I wanted to test it and not get soaked. I won $55 in 30 minutes or so and had fun. I'm going to keep testing it at the $5 level and if it continues to hold true I'm gonna increase the unit size and hope for the best. Again, thanks for the video.

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