The Two Best Two Baccarat Systems to Play and Debunking The Christopher Mitchell’s No Bust Blackjack Strategy

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  1. I love this BBPBBP bead road strategy. Jus came home from the casino. Wasn’t there longer than 1.5 hours. $50 dollar units. I’m up $500. This strategy works extremely well especially if banker has the majority marginal wins… seriously thinkin about quitting my job soon 😂 and btw, to be safe don’t play every column. Most importantly don’t be greedy! Kno wen to leave!

  2. I’m from Sydney, Australia. With the bead system here with your BBP, BBP if Banker wins on 6 we only get half the winning bet like $10 bet win would result in $5 profit. So with 4 bankers and 2 players in the six step sequence there is more of a higher chance winning half of your profit. Is there another six step sequence I can use with preferably more players than bankers.

  3. I noticed in your last Animal System video didn't have a progression for hands 11 thur 20. Do you just sit those out or continue with the 3+2 bet and take the loss? I was practicing and hit a panda on hand 19 couldn't find bet amount. Your progression is shown here Keep up the good work thanks for your videos

  4. Why is this system BBP BBP. The last one was BPB BBP. What’s next. Also Money Management. What do you use. Can’t be Martingale if it’s called smart money.

  5. LOL loved the ending of your video, things gotten so bad here if i didnt have a heart id scam the hell out of people on youtube and make thousands for little to no work like him, i am shocked people give him his hard earn money, who does that? extremely wealthy people? burger flippers? people have access to alot of money and sees this guy spewing lies and buys it, any simple research can tell you this man is a con man lol

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