1. Enjoyed the video. Just wanted to ask, have you ever lost the 6th Martingale bet? Also, would you recommend on a " Non- Commission" table to bet the "Dragon bet", so you don't "Push" on a 3 card banker 7 win? Regards, Frank

  2. Genius.you have done it again and I am in awe I am lost for words thank you . Does the system work on a commission table.i have notice that the online casinos are now fixing the shoe to win against your ppbppb after the two bankers.it is happening much more often now so you are right when you say beware of on line casinos.once again thank you for all you do it really makes a big difference.

  3. Where do I download my $1K to get your famous “Baccarat Winning Strategies?” Great content as always. I’ll do a low stakes table in Vegas at a locals casino to get my feet wet. Thanks for sharing.

  4. GOOD ONE! But maybe one day you show us a "betting pattern" other than Marty 6, for those who don't have luck with marty and been burned by it too many times. Best of Luck.

  5. Just played 10 shoes on the Wizard of Odds simulator and played with the Marty 6 betting progression. Easily won 5 bets per shoe for $500 and exited each shoe at or before the 60 hand each time. Got to a Marty 4 bet only once. Wow! simple and super successful. Cant wait to go live with this system. Thanks a million for your amazing free videos. I have made well over $20k with your systems. Cant thank you enough!

  6. so i guess the challenge is not accepted… LOL I knew you guys would pass but that's ok… therefore I will make my own observations on your channel so stay tuned for your review

  7. This is an easy system that gives a lot of action and opportunities to win money in each shoe. But I think this bet placement system may work just as well when combined with a "Foolproof, D'Alembert, or Fibonacci" MM system. This would eliminate a lot of the anxiety of getting into the 4th, 5th, or 6th stage of Marty, which gives a lot of guys a heart attack.

  8. Well I played and won in about 5/6 shoes, 5 or 6 hands in each, real money on Betfair, evolution tables live dealer. But eventually the Martingale gods got me. Lost about half of my bank – back to the drawing board for me. Not complaining, I knew the risks, just got tempted after seeing the vid

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