Parfums Vintage are known for creating clones or copies of very popular niche fragrances. We’ve had Pineapple Vintage, X-Batch, King Intense, Vanilla Intense and now we have Sunset In Heaven. This is a clone of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP. Could this be the sexiest fragrance out there? Here’s my take on it!

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  1. Good to hear your thoughts on this one. I just won an auction for a bottle of BR540 for £78 from ebay (new, sealed). It seems far too good to be true so this could be my first fake purchase. If this turns out to be the case i’ll send it back and perhaps get the Parfums Vintage instead. Congratulations on 7k subs 👍🏻

  2. Great Vid — I loves Baccarat Rouge 540- I purchased the clone from DUA (Casino Royale) based on reviews. The DUA is spot on. It is true about the complexity of this fragrance, at first sniff you would think its a one pony scent. There is a reason you can't compare this to any other fragrance on the market. It is truly unique. It also last a long long time as you said. The people who don't like it probably can't understand what they are smelling, kinda like Molecule 01 just in the opposite direction. This scent is truly a sleeping Tiger.

  3. Hi Chris ,wow this fragrance sounds great ..I will certainly be adding this to my collection after testing out the original soon to make sure it’s something I would wear ..thanks for another excellent review ,always look forward to your videos mate !!😇👍🏻

  4. Great review Chris, PV is knocking it out of the park lately. Always look forward to your Sunday reviews. Make my Sunday morning more interesting while I have my coffee and wake up! Have a great day bro!✌

  5. Dua Fragrances dose a great job on it’s take of 540.. casino royal nights ….I went in the store and did side by side stiff by stiff comparison you can not tell the difference

  6. I own the original and was involved in field testing of this one prior to release and I agree it’s very very close to the original in the air, there are minor differences when you really dig in on skin but they are very minor

  7. This sounds like a great alternative to 540, personally i don't like it on my skin.
    It just smells like a crystal/glass lolly on me , i feel like a little girl when i wear it , but on others i love the smell of it.👌

    Great video as always 🙏

  8. Never smelt the original but I have Dua’s Casino Royal Nights which is a clone of the extrait and the compliments I get are unreal. One of my secret weapons for nights out 😉

  9. My wife has the original Rouge 540 and I know it’s unisex fragrance but I find it very feminine, I doubt I could pull off wearing it myself, kudos to those guys who can!

  10. Another great vid! I'm in the 'Its overhyped and overrated' camp when it comes to 540. I've tried it multiple times and get nothing from it but strawberry candy floss and a sickly burnt sugar accord made worse by the resinous quality it has. But hey, each to their own, i'm sure i wear lots of frags folk would think are 'meh' or even unpleasant.

  11. Big fan of BR540. Really like the Dua and Alexandria versions of it. VERY interested in Parfum Vintage version. PV does high quality work. Good review sir. Keep them coming.

  12. This company really are doing the business. I love how they doggedly ignore the cliche that there are too many Aventus clones and they went and released Vanilla Intense which is fantastic in every aspect. Looking forward to buying this Baccarat version because I know it will have the quality that I've experienced with the 2 other releases I own from them. Thank you for reviewing this FM

  13. Can you say if Ariana Grande’s new “Cloud” is really a good clone of Baccarat Rouge 540? Sorry might have commented this on another of your videos!

  14. Please help my name is John Gregorio I'm texting from South Boston about this parfume house they took my 136$ for a 100ml bottle almost 3weeks ago and they won't respond or send the product . I've emailed so many time can you help me

  15. Hi mate,
    I hesitate between this sunset in heaven and sunset riot by all saints.
    Have you tried the latter ?
    Which one is closer to baccarat rouge ?
    Performance, duration on skin etc
    Thanks buddy

  16. I’m back again! Ordered the fragrance, it arrived like TWO DAYS LATER I was shook and this fragrance is such a good dupe!! Thank you for your review, you were spot on ❤️❤️

  17. Well my bottle arrived and I could smell nothing but alcohol. Contacted PV and their response was completely unfair. Blamed me for being able to smell the musk. However I’ve tried this fragrance before which I told them and had no problem. I’ve had several people smell my bottle too and none of them can smell a thing. Don’t waste your money on this now.

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