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Salutations friends! Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian is an incredibly popular and hyped fragrance, which means it has inspired people to search for more affordable options. There are a lot of popular dupes for BR540 as well as a few clones. I have a few of these in my collection and thought I would share them with you, as well as rank them!


Burberry Her
Burberry Her Intense
DUA Casino Royale
Ariana Grande Cloud

*Reviews and other videos about BR540 and its dupes*

Cloud review- https://youtu.be/CRmToTBhxxk
Cloud VS BR540 – https://youtu.be/9KdaMhperwk
BR540 Review- https://youtu.be/P327H2fBpt0


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  1. Great video! 👍 I haven't smelled the one from Dua but I've smelled all the other ones you mentioned and think they're all really nice and I think you're right about BH Intense. The closest I've smelled to BR540 is Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge, IMO. Your hair looks so cool – love it! 😍

  2. Cloud, burberry, and Sunset Riot: within these 3, Sunset Riot is the closest, I sprayed bacarrat and sunset riot side by side and they are very much so about same scent imo, and sunset have very long lasting power on my skin!!!😘

  3. Another good one is Swiss Arabian's Gharaam. Have a sample of it and compared it to my sample of Baccarat Rouge 540, and they are REALLY close. Plan on getting a full size bottle of Gharaam this fall.

  4. I am a poor student but I'd rather save up and pay for the quality perfume like Baccarat Rouge than spending ANY MONEY on low quality cheap perfumes.

  5. Hi have you smelled Aristocrat? I got a sample fragrance m fragrance x per another you tube channel and the smell was so similar to baccarat rouge 540. I think the name of the perfume house is Ajmal? You should check it out. Love your channel been watching for a few years. Keep up the great reviews.

  6. The first time I smelled Baccarat Rouge it reminded me of Arabian perfumes; it's them that I found out that the Creator of baccarat Rouge i (maison francis kurkdjian) is Middle Eastern.

  7. I was kind of hoping to see Oakcha's Sweven in this. Kind of, because I don't like BR540 but was interested in the brand which has only 2 reviews on YouTube, not mentioned in Fragrantica nor Basenotes, and barely a mention on Reddit. They are a dupe company that according to YouTuber, The Scented, their dupe of BR is dead accurate side to side and they make quality versions with less alcohol and cost only $39.95.

  8. BR540 isn’t my thing, but there’s no doubt it’s a high quality fragrance. How about a video for fragrance suggestions for those of us already tired of summer, like Fall scents that still work in warm weather?

  9. I don’t get the hype for Bacarrat Rouge 540. It’s such crap. All I get is a weak marshmallow scent. That’s it. If this is what u ppl are crazy about then y’all are seriously crazy. I for one want nothing to do with it, i actually have taste.

  10. I have In The Stars by B&BW the reviews on Fragrantica say it's one of the closer dupes to BR540. I have never smelled BR540, but I have and like Cloud, Her and Her Intense, and I like In The Stars better than all of those (Her Intense is pretty close behind it for me). I fell in love with it when I was in B&BW buying candles and couldn't miss the giant display they had for In The Stars. I would love to try BR540 but I haven't been able to let myself spend more than $200 for a fragrance, especially on I haven't been able to sample, but everyone makes it sound amazing.

  11. I think Burberry Her is really close. It is really similar in the fruity vibe, the sweetness, the woody base… there is definitely the same spirit in there. But I also find that Tinharé by le Couvent des minimes is a good one. This one is a pretty good dupe !

  12. I have nose blind for Baccarat rouge540 so I buy the Baccarat rouge 540 extrait which is even more expensive. I love the scent very much and it last on garments for days! I’m not sure if I can keep buying this perfume because it is the most expensive perfume I have ever bought 😅and I am a bit broke now.

  13. Just got BR540 and Burberry Her today in the mail. To my nose, the sugary sweetness in Her smells like BR540. I also pick up the latex type of dr office scent people talk about in both as well. Overall, BR540 last longer and smooths out for more of a balanced scent. As far as smell, both 95% similar DNA.

    I really enjoy both!

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