Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview casino consultant Bill Zender to discuss the $20 Million Phil Ivey baccarat “cheating” scandal.

They recap what happened, according to published reports, and they also get extra “behind the scenes” details from Zender about the situation.

Zender specializes in table game protection for casinos, and he gives detailed information on exactly how Ivey and his gambling partner, Cheung Yin Sun (Kelly Sun), were able to win more than $20 million by edge-sorting at the game of baccarat.

They also explain how the situation was resolved with a series of lawsuits over the course of six years. And, finally, Zender gives his professional opinion as to whether or not “cheating” was involved, or if the win was legitimate by using advantage playing methods against the casinos.

00:00 Video introduction
00:55 Introduction to Bill Zender and his background in casino gambling
04:25 Confirming the public facts
06:47 How edge sorting works
10:45 How they used edge sorting to their advantage
13:30 The math behind how they made their money
20:21 The results of the court cases
22:00 Were they actually “cheating”?

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  1. What he is saying does not give a reason to suspect Phil was cheating and does not amount to a way he could cheat. It is complete nonsense. The tactic by casino's is a scam they use when they lose too much cash they accuse players of cheating. A CASINO IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE MARKED CARDS. They do it so they can make the excuse if they lose too much.

  2. I'm not understand one thing in this whole story. Doesn't a show get all mixed before you start playing? How the cards get back in the "sorted" way into the shoe when it runs out?

  3. Folks stop defending Phil Ivey just because he’s famous he WAS cheating.
    Edge sorting may be a mistake on the part of the casino but it’s still cheating to use ANY system to predict what the cards are a player and professional on the level Phil Ivey is on should know better than to do that, he DID NOT deserve to be paid and very rightfully..he wasn’t.

  4. At Manila and Macao casinos baccarat players are breaking the cards completely no matter what stakes are. The deck is used only once, of course. Environmental issue, I'd say. Every table has a screen with patterns of the cards (which are there only because of the superstitions of the players). The GM at the casino once told me one baccarat table is more profitable for him than the whole poker room even though most of the time the dealer is sitting and doing nothing.

  5. this is just bullshit……whe a player won..they said cheating….but what they said when they took all the money from average people who gambling and lost all the money….totally BS

  6. Judge: "NJ casino controls act of provision that prohibited marking cards even though they "DIDNT " actually mark the cards"


  7. How did the casino discover that Phil was reading the patterns on the cards?
    Obviously, they were not aware of this while the game was in progress otherwise they would have stopped the game.

  8. Where Phil messed up was not telling the casino and getting in writing that he was going to use a strategy that he believed would help him win.
    Phil: I got 10 million to play Baccarat and I got a strategy I want to play that I think will help me
    Casino: Will send the car to get you.
    6 months later
    Casino: But your Honor it's not fair we only agreed to it because we thought he would lose.
    Judge: Kick rocks

  9. Fuck all casino
    No longer than. 2030 all humans evils will see hell
    I. Was visited in. Hell. 50 years ago
    That's jail for all. Humans done bad to all. Life live on. Earth
    Even all. GOV too. Never do. Right
    Especially law on earth run by evils

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