I’ve found THE best BR 540 dupe. Enjoy!

Fragrances mentioned:

1. Burberry “Burberry Her EDP” – http://bit.ly/2I7tTuO

2. Ariana Grande “Cloud” – http://bit.ly/2wTF1Ji

3. All Saints “Sunset Riot” – http://bit.ly/32Axnzt

4. Le Couvent des Minimes “Tinharé” – http://bit.ly/39bQsuf

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  1. Salut Chere Josephine, excusez moi mais on doit dire que vous etes absolument phenomenalle et uncroyablement belle dans ce video. Alors, par rapport a MFK, mon signature cologne, est "Cologne pour le Matin", une fragrance de qui personne/reviewer en parlent et que malheureusement on y trouve qu'a Paris. A tres bientot, Vlad.

  2. Thank you for your video, it was well done and very informative. Enjoyed that you went out and spoke to people and gave a public’s opinion on the two scent. I just placed my first order with Tinhré and I’m looking forward to trying their fragrance, all thanks to you🤗

  3. Thank you but Tinharé is not available in the US or Canada. The Cloud by Ariana Grande has some sort of very strong synthetic smell for me. Going for the Baccarat Rouge 🙂

  4. Hmmm…..Get yourself some DUA Casino Royale Nights – and be amazed!! Do the road test on individuals with Dua CRN vs Baccarat 540. Great video though!! Teddy UK.

  5. Oh, you should try Rosewood Amor by Banana republic. I have also the original BR540 extrait, Tinhare and Amber oud rouge. I think that the best are Rosewood Amor and Amber Oud rouge.

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