The Best Of The Smart Money Systems Playing Both On-Line and Live Casino’s

We show the Flaws in the Christopher Mitchell’s 5 Of The Same with a 5 Martingale System

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  1. Thanks for your videos joe. Little confused can I please get your email to ask couple questions I don’t understand the pattern at all I’ve had great success with your Marty 10 thus far and would love to to understand this system better. Thanks Trent

  2. This is totally confusing. The wins you point out do not match up to the sequences shown in the previous slide PBPPBPBBP & BPBBPBPBP.

    Using these sequences you would have won at step 1, first bet; at step 2, third bet;

    step 3, first bet; step 4, first bet; step 5, first bet and at step 6 you would have bust your martingale. From reading the comments below it seems that the sequences should be PBPBBPBBP & BPBPPBPPB – is this correct? At the very least you should answer some of the people that are confused and amend the video, after all you don't what to classed in the same category as Christopher Mitchell and show videos that show you don't know what you are talking about. Come on, let's have a comment back and show me I'm wrong, at least we would all learn and be less confused.

  3. At 4:10 the live dealer sequence is BPB. You place a bet on Player. Yet the sequence you showed in an earlier slide is BPBBPBPBP. So not sure why you placed a Player bet when it should have been a Banker bet 🤷‍♂️
    I have just watched the previous video and your description states to bet the opposite of the sequence. So BPB. On the slide on this vid it states Banker, but following the previous video, then it is Player. You probably need to make it clearer what betting pattern we should be following.

  4. Think I'm getting round to how to play this now.
    We wait for a PBP or BPB sequence, starting on a new row. We then back the opposite. If a Player comes out on Player sequence, ie: PBPP, we then bet the opposite: BPBBP. The same applies to Banker side, even though the Banker sequence in the slide to me is wrong.

  5. David Waines comments are spot on.You are not teaching your strategy like you are explaining in your video? After the chop its not like the pattern you want us to follow a comment back would be the proper response to show us why we are wrong in what we are saying?

  6. The loser mindset is not what makes things great for you, the loser 9-5 mindset is what makes things great for your BOSS! If you want to change your life, you start with your mindset! You are losing because you are thinking losing thoughts! Oh and by the way the green tea I am drinking tonight is 100% VEGAN! 🍵

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