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In this video, Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell plays LIVE Roulette, Baccarat & Blackjack.

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  1. I noticed you saw 6 L when you showed your results. Did you stop out through that and keep going or how did you deal with the 6 L’s ? Thx 🙏🏼

  2. Hi Mitch, I have a question. How comes if I bet on 18 straight numbers with each 2 units which gives a total of 36 units. I don't get my winnings doubled. Since its 18 numbers, half of the total 36 on the table.

    In the same way, If I bet 36 units ob black color and win. It gets doubled. 

    Is that not how its supposed to be. 

    Please help.

  3. Thank you for your videos.
    I'm from México.
    200 pesos became 500 with your roulette strategies in 3 days.
    Another 200 became 800 with your baccarat strategies in one hour.
    And today 200, playing baccarat and roulette, became 241 in 30 minutes.
    Minimun bets 2 in roulette and 10 in baccarat😁
    God bless you and your family.

  4. THE GOAT!! Been a pleasure watching your videos for such a long time. thanks for the powerful stuff man.

    QUESTION: I am a little worried that the online casino i play at will one day stop me from withdrawing funds. been doing well for a long time but feels like something could happen that i wont be able to get my withdrawals one day. multiple accounts must be the answer right?

    I watch your videos daily and multiple times a day. you have come so far man. you ARE THE GOAT !! hope to get a shoutout on a vid one day! JOHN from South Africa

    Thanks again for all you share, have a blessed day with the wife and baby

  5. Hi chris. I have using your tips and it helped me from lossing money like fool. But I have some problem especially when the dealer change and if the same colour or odds runs for 10 straight times. My luck was so bad I had to face this for 4 times today. Each time it was 9 to 12 straight run. Thanks to you I still manage to save 50%of my money with 20%loss. Any help, I can't play doubling in this situation.

  6. Can you make a video playing lightning roulette? If u bet on the dozens putting 20 cents on each number of the middle and third dozens. You can’t lose, on lighting roulette you can also hit 500x if hits one of your numbers

  7. good evening christof I wanted to ask you something in the meantime in which casino you play then I wanted to ask you these techniques only work live and with the croprier change then I wanted to ask you the technique is to wait for the two numbers of the dozen and always bet those until you lose and bet the losing dozen plus the central one then I also wanted to ask you with the zero point always the same multiplied by three?

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