Finally! CASINOS! I wish there was more types of machines, but hey. I am happy we get to even gamble. Love the interactions and new items. Deff worth the money – I think!

Heres my review/first impression of The Lucky Simoleon Casino, just released on the sims 3 store!

Some Photos:

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  1. I want this… I need to get showtime… But I wish they would have made it like a casino like expansion pack… Sometimes when I download things from the store to my game they seem to never work lol…

  2. Lol… My sims are giving me problems the other day it didnt want to start and I cant get the update for my game either lol… I just got the tablet set thing…and its still not working lol…

  3. sad, it doesn't fit with the road. I have placed mine in a fit area in Hidden Springs, along with all the 5 venues and other lots from pets, late night, ambitions. Gotta love Hidden Springs! xD

  4. Thanks for the great review…very informative and it was rather engrossing to see how Renate would do on the machines! 🙂

  5. For some reason The Sims 3 store says i own this and can download it…but it doesn`t appear in my purchase history…which means i get it or free…don`t mind if i do…

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