Few opportunities to beat a casino game are as singularly valuable to the advantage player at card counting the UR Way Egalite baccarat side bet. In this video I cover the basics, full details are given in this post:


Forget your streaks, progressions, intuition and other nonsense. If you’re a baccarat player, no matter where on the planet you live, it is worth it to learn about this bet. The education you will get just by understanding this method will change your perspective on everything.

That includes you too, casino surveillance and game protection!

Note added: in this video I refer to “win per 100 hands.” This refers to 100 hands dealt at the table and not 100 hands in which the wager is made. In side bets, the player does not make the bet each hand, so out of the 100 hands that are dealt the player will place a wager on some fraction of them. The win amount per 100 hands comes from this fraction of the 100 hands that are actually played.

Here is an introduction to card counting, in case you need it:



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