1. Oud for greatness smells incredible . The quality is exceptional. I do not think it smells like MFK Baccarat Rouge – that one is perhaps a bit sweeter?
    Both scents are a must have so I was happy to see these in one video and I like the fact that we can see the bottles up close.ย 
    Good job I say.

  2. I am not an oud fans, but i really curious about oud fragrances, so, if i ask you which one should i buy, oud for greatness vs oud bouquet, which one is more suitable for me?because i heard that even they have oud composition, but its still suitable for ppl who doesnt love oud..what do you think?

  3. i would buy Demis recommendations not based on her looks. it would be based on her knowledge and taste of scents. but regardless of what anyoneโ€™s says about a perfume, never blind buy anything.

  4. I own BR540 Extrait and after a recent purchase of Initio Side Effect I was sent a sample of Oud for Greatness. I can understand why some people may say that they smell "similar" but in my personal opinion I get very little resemblance. BR540 Extrait is rather sweet and close to the skin, Oud for Greatness is a projection beast and has a petrol (gasoline) accord which is weirdly intoxicating, a little bit like Dior Fahrenheit back in the 1990's. I have asked my wife to buy me Oud for Greatness for Christmas which should prove to everybody that its not similar enough to waste ยฃ250 on.

  5. Oud For Greatness "The dry down is very, very nice."
    I'm sorry, I must be smelling something entirely different than a boring burnt sugar scent. The opening is phenomenal, the mid is good but the dry down blows.

    OFG is for people who hate oud, don't want to smell oud, but want to say they own an oud.

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