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Hello! Welcome back! Or if you’re new here, welcome! My name is Felicia.

Argh they’re finally here! I am more than excited to be able to share with you my very first blind purchase France from Maison Francis! I have heard about Baccarat Rouge a lot on Youtube and wanted to give the body oil a try!

In this video I also reviewed 6 other fragrances (including the extrait de parfum).

Thanks for watching! And if you’ve made it all the way to the end, thanks a bunch!☺️
I hope you liked my honest review and hopefully I could give you a little bit of idea of these fragrances.

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  1. Grand Soir becomes sweeter the longer you wear it. It stays so long on the skin. I was also taken aback at first but try wearing it more and you’ll see 🙂

  2. I want to order these but I’m from the states how would I order these four samples and how much would it cost? When u out perfume on u shouldn’t rub it in as your rub it u t messing up the notes from what I’ve been told

  3. Oud Satin Mood is a 2? Reaaaallly? LOL- I love Oud Satin Mood Extrait. It's interesting that we have such different opinions about it. Anyway, I liked your video. 🙂
    I think that the dry-down for Oud Satin Mood is definitely better, but if you really don't like the initial spray that much, you probably would not even like the dry-down much either. Hahaha.

  4. Try spraying the scent on your skin. Didn't like oud satin mood at first, but as it dried down i started to fall in love couldn't stop sniffing my hand. The dry down of Grand Soir is amazing as well, u could also pair it with something sweeter. The longevity of those 2 are Amazing!!! I prefer B540 extrait, there is a note in the regular one I can't stand

  5. New subscriber! Great video! I have baccarat and I need to buy the big bottle of gentle fluidity gold. I have that one in a sample. I don’t like the silver it smells masculine. I like the pluriel too

  6. I’m buying my first MFK fragrance next month for my bday! I purchased the samples and fell in love with gentle fluidity gold. But now I also want to get the bacarrat body oil 😂🤍 love the review

  7. Good job. I have to try fragrances on my skin to see if it mixes well with my body chemistry. You may have to dab a bit on your wrist and let it dry to really decide if you like it. When you spray on the paper it's not giving you the actual aroma. 😊

  8. Pairing them…no no no. the body oil is simply for a light touch of the fragrance for those who don't want to spend alot. The EDP is the way to go with MOST fragrances, more oil more refined and smoother, the extrait in this is way too powerful way too sweet overwhelming. If you layered all three you'd choke out yourself and everyone within a half mile of you. Also it's not recommended to rub oils on skins as you did in the beginning it messes with the chemical and molecular makeup it's meant to be sprayed on skin and absorb, the rubbing causes friction and heat and changes your fragrance slightly.

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