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Francis Kurkdjan – Baccarat rouge 540

Ariana Grande – Cloud

Burberry – Her Intense

All Saints – Sunset Riot

*Filming Equipment*

Canon T6i
Canon 50mm lens
Two softboxes
Ring light
RODE Video Mic Pro

FTC – This video is NOT sponsored. Some products may have been sent to me as PR to try out without any obligations. All opinions are 100% my own and staying true to my audience is my main priority.



  1. Did I nail this video or what!!!!
    I’m obsessed with all three dupes and have been wearing them constantly, especially the Burberry her intense.

    Share your thoughts my loves 😘

  2. I would assume, and someone may have mentioned this before, that he made a similar fragrance for another company because he recognizes that most women cannot afford a perfume that costs as much as baccart rouge, and this way he still make a cut.

  3. Hi, from the UK. You are right, I got a sample of the Sunset Riot and sample of Rouge 540. If Rouge 540 is out of your price range and you can't persuade anyone to buy you it as a present, then buy yourself the Sunset Riot I don't think anyone will know the difference. My samples are finished and I've seen Sunset Riot for 34.99 for 100ml online, free postage.

  4. The top fragrances to be carbon copies of Baccarat and everyone stops you and thinks and asks if your wearing Baccarat are: Tiziana Terenzi Spirito Fiorentino and Al Haramain Amber Rouge. Personally Spirito Fiorentino I ended up liking more than Baccarat. It somehow is just as beautiful but more mysterious and slightly more masculine than Baccarat.

  5. My favourite dupe is no.504 intense from Eden Purfumes, I’m not sure if it’s available in US or Canada, I’m in the UK. It’s sooooo good, it’s vegan, cruelty free and it lasts longer than any other dupe I’ve tried. They do amazing dupes for lots of fragrances, I have the Flower Bomb one which is really similar too. You can search for your favourite on their website and it will bring up their dupe.

  6. This is super helpful for me, I was thinking about spurging on a fancier perfume and heard amazing things about Baccarat Rouge 540, but was uncertain about spending money on something so luxurious and then not liking it. So a dupe would make me feel better just incase the scent was not for me.

  7. I blind bought Cloud and on my skin it turned into something like burned plastic, but on my clothes it is amaaaaazing. I'm waiting for my Baccarat sample and I'm afraid as hell that I'm gonna love it 😛

  8. I've smelled cloud and I've smelled all the Burberry ones. If we compare them they are day and night, cloud does not smell like Burberry AT ALL. I don't get why people claim they are so similar to BR 540

  9. It just dawned on me that most of these dupes don’t smell anything like the original because I go completely nose blind to 540 sometimes… I’m one of those people that get strong whiffs and then it disappears.. it’s annoying because It just makes me want it more.

  10. I have both the Burberry intense and the cloud…I think I prefer cloud it’s less candy smelling and sugary. Burberry reminds me of berry flavoured candy. Cloud is very long lasting stays on my clothes forever and people seem to notice it more much worth the money.

  11. Fantastic video. First I've watched from your channel, i'm about to subscribe.

    Sunset Riot is lovely. I prefer it to the Ariana Grande perfume. In the UK it's only £50 (about $70). The markup is crazy to me!

    As the Ariana Grande bottle. I agree 100%. When I saw it in store I thought "YIKES!! 😳" 😂 i would NOT have that out on my dressing table. Good grief 😂😂

  12. I fell for the hype, Baccarat Rouge 540 smelled like nothing on my skin. The Extrait version is a bit better but Arianna Grandes Cloud is just like it but better, way less expensive, has more projection and is longer lasting.

  13. Cloud sucks!!! The smell was so body spray cringe worthy! Came to the conclusion that everyone pumping this up has been hired! Don’t buy it!

  14. We never knew with this new year I had my husband diagnosed with stage 4 cancer before the pandemic I went in a coma and my mom and sis almost lost her life but we made it thru 2020 and your video really gave me hope before 2020 we had such great joy and Im glad to hear you be so possible! And that possibility made me make it. Love ur channel

  15. There is simply NO PERFUME OUT THERE THAT CAN COME CLOSE TO BACARAT ROUGE (the edp)! It is that ONE perfume that has the same effect as that elixir perfume created by perfumist in that 2006 movie “Perfume: story of a murderer”. It has crowds swooned, like a spell, that you cannot put your finger on and cannot explain. If expensive royal rich lush class could be distilled into a fragrance it is exactly BACARAT ROUGE (the eau de parfum clear bottle!). Fresh, candy-flosslike, warm, mesmerising – it’s like magic in a bottle. If you want to smell expensively luxuriously classy, buy this one. No questions asked. Save till you can afford it. And if it runs out, after a long time, save for it again!

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