Comparing Baccarat Rouge 540 to Mancera Instant Crush.

Mancera instant crush –

Baccarat Rouge 540 –

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  1. I haven’t smelled instant crush but I do own Montale Sensual Instinct. They are supposed to be very similar. I love it! It’s very complex and different but I really like that. And it definitely also has 540 vibes with an edge/spice! And lasts ALL DAY!!! It’s a beast.

  2. I don't smell much similarity with BR540. I get a lot of ginger and citrus and that synthetic note unique to Mancera perfumes. To my nose these notes overcome the BR540 DNA. It's kind of a "meh" for me, but at the same time I can see why people love it 😊

  3. So you & your tree are dressed alike ,well I love it lol.l still haven't tried 540 so I don't know what I'm really missing but the way you're describing the dupe sounds really nice.l really like a robust fragrance! TFS 🙏🏼 be safe 😘

  4. I got a sample of Instant Crush last year and it's been one of my favorite scents! On me, the dry down is sweet amber jasmine; not as spicy/ sharp as BR 540.👍🏽

  5. I will have to say the best dupe I have tried for 540 is Amber oud rouge I was so surprised I bought a back up and it last long… I enjoyed this review I don't think I will be getting the instant crush though I don't what more muscline version I just bought mancera wild python that one smells nice and different from anything I own so I am excited to get that one

  6. I really enjoyed this review, can’t wait to get this fragrance. I just bought roses vanille to review on my channel. Currently exploring mancera fragrances!! 🤗🤗🤗NEW subbie! Love your hair as well!

  7. I don't get anything earthy at all, i LOVE earthy scents and I've never smelled dirty. Instant Crush sucks but I don't like Baccarat either. I don't sees what the hype is all about.

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