1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is back with a vengeance! Please 🙏 help our Master Guru of Baccarat Andrei Bucharest from Romania as he said the Devil 😈 SATAN is playing tricks in his mind when he's in profits then he'll nosedive to ground zero! Now he's very sure the winning strategy that he taught you will beat Baccarat consistently! Very strange, the student is winning but the teacher is losing including his long pants 👖! Andrei Bucharest from Romania believes the Earth 🌎 is flat! He said NASA faked all pictures of the flat Earth 🌎 & Man didn't walk on the lunar surface in 1969! True or false? TQ

  2. For all those whom need it, read it.
    I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
    JESUS Is Lord! Amen.‼️‼️..

  3. Great job Cheetosbaccarat. I was struggling to post something but I just say keep up this amazing work.
    And F.O.C.U.S. follow one course until successful
    And AVOID the F.E.A.R.
    Those false expectations that appear real because they are NOT!!
    Only one day at a time.
    You have done amazing. Little by little is the way.

  4. Great Cheetos!! Hope it always keeps going up for you! 😀
    Soccer got to 13th day for the very first time ever, and it's not deleted. Still visible on the webpage.
    Oh and day 12 should have been a draw. 2 shots hit the post, and 1 chance right in front of goals was missed. Maybe fixed players do mess up.. who knows 🙂

  5. Anyone knows an authentic Exorcist Priest as our Master Guru of Baccarat Andrei Bucharest from Romania is struggling against the Devil 😈 SATAN whom he claims is playing tricks in his mind whenever he's winning in Baccarat! He said he believes Evil Spirits 😈 are disturbing his peace & tranquility! TQ

  6. If Zlatan Ibrahimovic Mister Cheetos 🤠 continues to play like this, he'll soon be able to represent Canada to vie for the honorary title of King 👑 of Baccarat in Baccarat World 🌎 Cup tournament! TQ

  7. Cheetos i don't know whether u are serious anymore … I dont even know what strategy u r playing or ur money management… can u fill in the gaps please? I used to luv your channel

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