1. It’s a trance. Gives the player no time to stop and think about leaving the table because it’s right on to the next one before they can consider it. Her constant stream of indecipherable mumbling keeps your mind in a busy, trance-like loop, further impeding critical thought. Overall everything in the atmosphere here just makes it easier to just keep playing. That’s my best guess as to why she’s mumbling and everything is so smoothy fast and mechanical and trance-like. There’s probably millions of dollars of researched psychology behind all this. It’s kind of cool.

  2. I love how fluid her movements are, the girl with bangs, and does it all while maintaining eye contact with the camera. She’s really good 💙

  3. People get asmr from this? this seems so far from asmr in any meaning of the word. Background noise is plenty, she's just speaking … there's sound effects of the game.. like huh? Any asmr left is ruined by this…

    Feel like the meaning of asmr like alot of things just dissolved their meaning on the internet ..

  4. Ребята, есть тут кто ещё русский? Мне одной кажется, что на заднем плане по русски говорят?

  5. What in God's name was this girl saying?!?! She also looked like she loved her life and job so much that she was going to rinse her mouth out with a revolver at any second!

  6. Did you record this footage yourself, damn this is soothing and I never imaged there was online games with actual real-time dealers on the other side, very intriguing!

  7. 7:09 "Play with nature toes six, congratulations to all the worms, thanks for the Ganges ditch, all gnaw, she balls a fuckin song intense open… Placing your bets."

    Roger that.

  8. Online gambeling is evil and for suckers. It is unregulated and the games can be simply fixed to increase the house advantage. Blackjack is a good example. The more 10 cards they remove from the decks the more the house advantage increases.

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