1. Nikki has been my Host since it open in 2006 and the North Tower was finish 2010. Best host ever!!!!
    But if you think choctaw casino is nice than you need to check out Winstar. By far the upgrades and the facilities, Security, restaurants, Grandball room‘s, concerts, clubs, slot machines are top notch. I only stay in the north tower suites. They are beautiful especially when you get a pool side view. I enjoy watching your videos. Have a Happy New Year. I will be at the VIP party at Winstar at the countdown🎉🍾🎰

  2. Love this casino, it’s my home casino in fact, I enjoy it for all the reasons you stated and also because it’s like 25-35 minutes away from me. Did you go into the high limits room? Because you stated you didn’t see many big wins, if you did go into it and didn’t see any that’s a abnormality, because that room is always lit up and the screens locked up. Great videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. Glad you liked one of our “locals”, they’re currently building another tower so there will be more machines coming with that addition I’m sure. Great video thanks for watching! ❤️

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