Star with: Siouxsie Q, Michael Vegas


It’s just another day for Leyton (Michael Vegas) as he walks home from a local grocery store. But when a stranger (Siouxsie Q) is distracted by her phone and walks into the busy street in front of him, Leyton jumps into action. Without thinking about his own safety, he grabs the woman, pulling her back — just in time to save her from getting run over.

The woman is shocked and eternally grateful, introducing herself as Sandy. She earnestly gets his name in return, thanking him profusely, which makes Leyton a bit uncomfortable. Surely he just did what any good samaritan would do?

Finally, Leyton gathers his shopping bags and continues on his way with Sandy’s gaze lingering on him. Unfortunately for Leyton, his good deed is about to turn into a real nightmare…

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