1. Replay same systems but using patterns..see any difference 😉
    Alembert system considered success gaining 100 profit on 300 buy in n should have stop..

  2. do another video where you play Alembert strategy but dont bet on banker or player only consistently. Keep the system but bet on banker and player whichever you think is gonna win.

  3. I like bac every now and again. The casino that I go to used to have some variation where the banker wins didn’t pay commission so it was a 50/50 bet so it was really easy to play while getting free drinks lol. Another note: Timmy needs a haircut, he’s starting to look like a hooligan lol

  4. I forget what the pattern is called but I'd like to see a video where the betting pattern goes 1-3-2-6 then collect. Every time you lose start back from the beginning. Tries to maximize on streaks while minimizing losses.

  5. here is an interesting fact I discovered after documenting 900 live shoes Repeaters 1,2,3 had a 57% chance of happening, but if it went to 4 in a row the percentage dropped to 25% and if to 5 & 6 in a row the percentage dropped to 18% Jimbo

  6. I need the scoreboard to determine to bet on B or P and how much. Iv been playing here and there when I go to the casino. Does anyone know how the burn cards come into play? He hit a K so he takes out 10 cards.

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