Star with: Kuleana, Scotty P

Story: Scotty P and his friend are hanging out with each other. The guys glance over at their wives, commenting to each other about how hot the ladies are. At the same time, Scotty’s friend’s wife, Kuleana, is talking to Scotty’s wife about how hot she finds Scotty.

Scotty’s wife seems intrigued by the idea of Kuleana getting a taste of her husband, but SHE wants some of Kuleana’s hubby too. The wives agree to go for it, just as their husbands walk up to them. Kuleana knows what she wants, and gets it, rubbing her ass on Scotty. But that’s just the warm-up, and she leads Scotty to the bedroom to have her way with him.

Can Scotty handle his friend’s wild wife?

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