Counting cards at baccarat and blackjack with John Stathis multipurpose Ten Count (JSTAT Count). A winning card counting strategy/tutorial on how to beat the casinos. EZ Baccarat’s Dragon 7 side bet is also revealed.

Casino/Advantage Play consultant Eliot Jacobson did a a card counting analysis of the EZ Baccarat Dragon 7 side bet that was published on the Wizard of Odds site in 2011. Using a linear count simulation, Jacobson concluded a shoe depleted of more eights and/or nines than normal provided an advantage for the Dragon 7 side bet which pays 40-1. I upped the ante by including the Ten Count (2-9=+1 and 10-K=-2) with a side counting of 8/9’s and have been very successful playing in casinos. It only makes sense that a winning three card banker 7 cannot happen with a ten card along with the 8/9’s as a third card in this non-linear count.

As an additional bonus, the Ten Count with the side counting (and the lack of) of 8/9’s remaining in the shoe with minus counts works very well with Player Bets in conventional mini/midi baccarat. A deck particularly poor of 8’s and/or 9’s and ten cards diminish the power of the third card rule regarding the Dragon 7 side bet at EZ Baccarat. When the baccarat shoes is poor of 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, it means that more small-medium cards are available to catch for Player side as third card. The main advantage favoring the Player is the Player bets are paid at even money with no commission (usually 5%) taken by the house for the Banker.

Side counting the 8/9’s are just as effective in blackjack as it is in the EZ Baccarat Dragon 7 side bet or Player bet at conventional baccarat. At blackjack, on plus Ten Counts with more 8/9’s remaining than normal, our double downs will approve on 10/11 and the dealer will bust more often than average.

The side counting of 8/9’s with the Ten Count (JSTAT Count) enhances card counting at blackjack and baccarat to the point of long-term wins. This is asymmetry in action where the counter takes advantage of the imbalance of the cards remaining.



  1. Hey John , do you have any suggestions in Blackjack for money management please? Would be really nice to know. Your counting really works. Much love

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