1. There was someone who claims he made $100,000 doing this . What he does is he uses Martingale
    Each day 2 units for 18 months playing $100 units . Bankroll is $25,500.
    He plays at Kam Pek casino in Macau on those Stadium Baccarat machines which has live dealers dealing and NOT RNG machines. The casino has 600+ terminals to bet on . It is also linked to all Stanley Ho's SJM properties in Macau for a total of 18 games to choose from any given time.
    What this guy does is he will look for a shoe to show a clean BB,PP,BB,PP or Vice Versa as trigger and bet that it won't repeat . For him to BUST, it will required 8 terrible 2's for a total of 16 hands.
    Very interesting.

  2. Okay I love this system and want to thank you for presenting it to us. You are a clever man and it does not matter if you picked it up from someone else because you had the interest to examine whats going on and deciding you wanted to share it with us or not.
    Once again I appreciate your contribution to us and respect your abilities.

    Interestingly we are in sync on this one and I will explain why.

    I live in the Philippines and have done so for over six years. now. I am from Australia and visit Australia to see family and friends when I want to. As I get older (76 yrs old) I am less inclined to travel its just more and more inconvenient and I dont have the energy I used to have so I dont enjoy travelling that much anymore.

    I have a pension and while I can not live on a pension in Australia I can live very well (by their standards) here. I like my life here and am healthy and happy. I can walk to one of the casinos here and there are another four that I can get to on my motor bike in say 20 mins. They have 10 peso bets here and I could not believe it when I saw that for roulette Mon bets 10 and max bets 10,000 pesos), Baccarat is min 100 and max 5000 pesos, which works out well. Upstairs where the real action is caters for the very very rich Koreans and Chinese.

    I am happy enough as I use the casinos for the entertainment which is great and all free.

    I have tried to explain to the locals here that laugh when I say I have made my 500 pesos or even a thousand pesos in say two sessions,

    They keep wiping out because they go into the casino with 500 pesos and expect to win 5000. I explained I go in with 5000 and expect to win 10% or 500 pesos. I also explain that 500 pesos profit times 30 days in the month is 15,000 – They do not get it at all so I gave up. I also explained that everyone went into the casino and made 100 pesos and walked out the casino would close down. Once again they think I am from another planet.

    Back to the sync thing.

    Last night I was having trouble sleeping because I was trying to figure out how I was going to deal with the two problems I had. I wanted a method that would deal with the conflicts that occur with the streets bets being the one top line B P B P etc and the runs. It was for a very good system I have designed and wins nine out of ten sessions consistently. The one loss is covered by the nine wins of course.

    I saw your recent UTUBE shown above here and it amazed me that you had cone up with what I wanted. Again thank you for that.

    Of course I would not use an eight Martingale betting strategy as Murphy's Law applies, particularly for a whole shoe. But you already know this and it is good to see that your loyal fans are telling you the same thing as well. This is important because if you are as old as I am you may forget. I use my own betting strategy.

    I tested out ten sessions using my betting strategy and stopping when I made my 500 profit. Here are the stats for your information, I hope they are useful for you.

    I call the strategy SOTS. Being Single – Opposite and Two or more The same if that makes any sense to you.

    Total Profit in Baccarat 100 unit bets was 6,750 for the ten sessions.
    10/10 sessions won.
    Total bets were 132
    Average profit per session was 13.2 units per session
    Total Wins 69
    Total Losses 63
    52.3% win ratio
    Level Bet profit six units.

    Looks good to me.

  3. I would like to thank to you for giving us nice strategy i really like like…can we invite you to be part of small group about baccarat in telegram group chat..we appriaciate your help to people.

  4. Funny thing….There are a million systems out there and this one is just as good as the ones you pay $5000 for. Here is the rest that you need to complete this system and you will be a winner. When you see 1/2/2 (BPPBB or PBBPP) just play the pattern….Opposite Time Before Last decision to catch the 2 streaks until you lose 1 Time, then start back the regular betting.

  5. Thank you for your vid. It’s really working . How about “ BBB” can get more chance to win in some pattern ? I found out that some pattern we could lose till 5-6 time continue

  6. This is in response to your video #11 where you explain Betty's betting system. That video got me to thinking. When you make your decision to bet on the opposite of the last hand, you have a 50% chance of winning because there are 2 possible outcomes (either B or P). One outcome is a winner and the other is a loser. But, if you bet the opposite of the last 2 hands, you increase your odds of winning to 75% because now there are 4 possible outcomes (BB, BP, PB & PP). One is a loser and 3 are winners. Each time you add a hand, you double the possible outcomes and double your chances of winning. By betting the opposite of the last 6 outcomes, you have a 98.4% chance of winning because there are 64 possible outcomes of which there is only 1 loser. By waiting for 3 hands to match before betting, Betty is essentially using a 9 bet pattern which has 512 possible outcomes. Her chances of losing are 1 in 512. Pretty good odds. I've created my own system that bets the opposite of the last 7 hands combined with what's happening on the BIG ROAD. Sometimes I bet opposite and sometimes I bet House Way. I use a modified Martingale (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.). Ex.: After losing 4 units, bet 5. If you win, bet 4. If you lose go up 1 unit. When you win, go down 1 unit until you've won the 4 unit bet. Then you start over at a 1 unit bet. I've played 100 shoes from your friend Craig's Baccarat System software and am averaging 25 unit wins per shoe. Believe it or not, I haven't had a losing shoe, yet (Knock on wood!!!). If you want to try my system, I could pass it to you through your friend, Craig. I'll send an email to him with .pdf's of my system. I'm not asking anything for my system, it's free to use and share with your loyal viewers.

  7. I am impressed with some of the conversations here.

    As stated before, the long and the short of the story is it does not matter what money management system you use, as the number of hands you play approached infinity (i.e. very large number of hands played) the amount of money you have left will near the theoretical odds no matter what. Again as mentioned before, you can beat the casino in the short-term however in the long-term Casino will always win

  8. Hi amigo. This system is one I used to play, but a couple of times it went as high as 8 losses and I lost faith in it. I didn't really test it, just played it for a while until the bust. Have you tested the method over your simulator (with real shoes not generated shoes). Would be interesting to find out how it would go..if you have the time. Thanks

  9. All the systems are great but the best option to keep in profit is to leave the table with the amount you set with. Doing this every 30 mins I think will be a good strategy to minimize any big loss.Does that make any sense? If I could win $25 every 30 minutes or more I will be more than happy considering doing this a couple of hours will give you a nice profit.

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