Winning at Casino Baccarat
How Debbie plays Baccarat
My Personal rules Before I go in a Casino
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Know Before you go
This channel is about how to win at the Casino
We are Casino Amigos, I’m Wilson a retired Photographer
I mostly Play Baccarat So that’s what most videos will be about.
For all you Patreon and Paypal supporters
The Baccarat making a living Internet Book will be up soon,
To bad the Casinos closed before Pam really got started
But at least Debbie Got a start with her set up.
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  1. So what do ties do. You cant ignore as it breaks the bead pattern therefore the casino hasn't matched the 6/9 banker players in the bead…Then the pattern is all out and you could be 4.5.6 into you Marty's when a tie comes along. What does debbie do cheers.
    # stay safe from the UK.

  2. Will have to practise. Nearly got caught.
    B.B P. (OPPOSITE BET) P.P (£) T
    P.P.B. (SAME BET) B.B.T (2 MARTY)
    B.B.P (£) ( 6TH MARTY phew)
    Will see how you guys get on. To close for comfort on first try.

  3. The wizard of odds is exactly as the name states, a wizard with the odds. I find it hard to believe he would say if you double up after a win you have a 90% chance of losing and if you double up after a loss you have a 70% chance of winning. Can you please copy and paste where he writes this. Thanks. Love your channel and your rules

  4. Hopefully this helps people:  most people's reasoning is flawed and this is common error and why people think baccarat is beatable in the long run. These are 2 totally different scenarios:

    1. If you ask what are my chances of winning 1 out of the next 3 hands, the odds are 7/8 (87.5%) you will. HOWEVER

    2. if you lost the first 2 hands and say what are my chances of winning the next hand the odds are roughly 1/2 (50%) because the hands are mutually independent (each hand is independent of any previous or future hands)

    This is why if there is say a banker run of 23 in a row many people will bet player because they think the chance of another banker is astronomically small where the truth is the chance next hand will be a banker is about still about 50%.

    Now if you ask what are the odds of 24 bankers in row the answer is 1 in 1,677,7216.

    Two totally different questions with two totally different answers.

    I've tried correcting people in the casino in this and they say I'm wrong because they've read books and laugh me out of the house.

    I have 7 years of post graduate mathematics under my belt so it is very rare I am wrong when it comes to math.

  5. Sir, I would like to know that In casino screen the beat road there is a lot tie in one shoe when we playing.How we use this stratege when we play games?We just ignore the screen and record it by ourself?Pls clarify it ,thanks much.

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