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  1. Everyone is seeking systems instead of just reading the shoe.
    The best system is to just read the shoe, take lots of free hands.
    Dont get married to any side B or P. Shoes have chops and streaks in all of them. Single unit bets are the best way to sustain long term play. Get up after +3 units while you teach yourself how to read shoes. Absolutely NO Martingale negative progressive betting.
    Never risk more than 1% of your bankroll on any 1 bet. The casinos arent going out of business, so they will always be there, dont get in a hurry for wins, Take what the Shoe gives you. Each hand dealt, is more info. When you Master reading shoes, you can take your wins to +5 .
    Win on purpose, not by luck.

    Love your videos!!😎👍

  2. Sorry could you explain what she is doing here. The wins do not make sense to me. She waits for three consecutive B or P then bets what? The opposite or the same?

  3. So she waits til 3 match up against 3 in previous column then she bets opposite martingale style til she wins. If you have 6 martingale bets she’s saying “it won’t match opposite column 9 in row”. 👍

  4. On Bill's system playing time before last the terrible twos (BBPPBB or PPBBPP) will get you. You can play em or wait till they pass can they get wacky. I used to play this first loss I'd go back five previous and start betting opposite or same some times reverse order of those five (stay away from streaks)
    and take 1 unit loss when this happens. Expample: PPPBPP I would play after lost on last P , BBBPB

  5. Taking ties into account, there are approximately 70 patterns of 6 outcomes in an average shoe and there are 64 unique patterns of 6 outcomes using 2 integers (B & P). Therefore, no matter which pattern you choose (Mr. Amigo likes BBPBBP), you are likely to see the opposite of that pattern 1 or more times in a shoe. What you are gambling on is to not run into that pattern before you exit the shoe. Mr. Amigo plays a 6-step Martingale which puts 63 units at risk. By exiting after a 1 unit win, he needs to win 64 shoes in a row to show a profit, but if he played to win 5 units per shoe, he would only need to win 15 shoes in a row to show a profit. Either way, anyone who plays this strategy will eventually run head first into an opposite pattern and lose a bunch of units. Flat betting and pattern recognition are the keys to success in Baccarat.

  6. can someone explain it a little better I do not understand when he says three in a row is he saying 3 bankers then bet player is that what he means please help

  7. I'm usually good at following systems, but this is totally confusing. Can someone explain the logic of it? First of all, how does the top row "BPBPBPBPB" relate to the red and blue circles underneath it? What's the trigger before betting??? Ugh… =(

  8. Hi
    I like to play just for a banker repeat either flat bat or a small Marty
    CAn you run a few simulators tests see how you do
    I just need one or two units a shoe

  9. At your convenience on your next video, maybe could you please give more information about the last system you were talking about, thank you sir, great videos, you're awesome

  10. Has anyone tested 3 matches using +1/1 progression using 6 bets max after 3 matches or 3 opposites. Continue betting throughout shoe. This seems very safe to gain 3-5 units a shoe. Much safer than losing your bankroll with martingale. Any thoughts?

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    It is a good one of a kind guide for winning at online roulette without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

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