1. Why do you say no to Stadium Baccarat ?
    It’s live dealer, no difference in the game. I play at the Venetian in Vegas, 4 different shoes I can bet on and I don’t have to get up and chase tables like you say you do. Game is much faster than players waiting to make bets and then the dealer paying out winning bets. I can play 20 shoes in a couple of hours, 1 unit a shoe, Cash Flow

  2. this is what real person really does. sharing and describing winning method. This is something that young people should learn. While peoples instead ask money from peoples for their hard work of creating strategy.. This is best teaching you have gave to us casinoamigos. We are all in this together. Its ridicilous how much money some people ask for these ideas.

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  4. Hi there, just watching your video, don't understand how you work out when to stop when you have 2 and than 1 the same, as you don't know what is going to happen ahead in the next hand , can you please exolain.

  5. No bet on side that just won. With progression you win every time except when it goes Bpbpbp or pbpbpb. But it doesn't matter you just stop after 3 losses and wait for bpbp streak to end. Right now I'm betting 1,2,3,6 progression and go back to 1 after a 4 loss streak. I tested 1,3,7 strategy or great martingale. I went from 30 to 130 very quickly but unfortunately I kept getting losing streaks even with stop after 3 losses and lost all profits

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    LLLLL 1,2,4,6,12 = – 25
    LLLLW 1,2,4,6,12 = -1
    LLLW. 1,2,4,6 = -1
    LLW 1,2,4 = +1
    LW 1,2 =+1

    WWW 1,2,4 = +7
    WLW 1,2,2 = +1
    WLLW. 1,2,2,4 = +1
    WLLLW. 1,2,2,4,6 = -1
    WLLLLW 1,2,2,4,6,12 = -1

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  9. Do you get bet till you win on ( B B P) and then wait for the next three decision. Or do you bet and if you win the series, start right over again. For example, first scenario, you get banker and win on banker, then follow through with another banker and then a player bet. Scenario Two, Make a banker bet, win, stop and wait till the next three numbers to hit. Scenario 3, win on banker, and restart the whole series after the win. Thanks. Love your course.

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