1. I got it now. So with 3 matches you'll be betting the opposite and if it was 3 opposite then you'll bet on a match.
    Another great video! Keep em coming CA! Thank you and can't wait until the casinos to open again lol.

  2. Hi, this seems live a very good method. I've been practicing this on the "Wizard of Odds" website and have won every time. I think when you play this in a casino, when they open back up, you should play on a somewhat full table, as you can go a lot of hands before you play. Very good system!

  3. Hi, Wilson. I thought you called yourself Happy in all your other videos. Just curious if you can run a test on Debbie's system again ONLY this time NOT go against the trend.
    After 3 follows or same, continue betting the same and not the opposites. I personally has seen long runs of same and opposites. Not necessarily this approach would be better but another variation.
    Sometimes finding something that losses all the time is good because we can just bet opposite it.

  4. First off…let me say again. GREAT VIDEO and keep them coming. Its great to see you helping people try to win. Also BUY Craigs Simulator….Hell of a nice guy and works hard to help make it an amazing tool for a great price.

    Here is the thing about Christopher Mitchells system that people are pissed about……ITs not his!!!! Its been around since the beginning of time. Same with his Blackjack….He stole it and claims hes a Professional Gambler and a Genius and then charges for it. Enough about that guy…..I stopped watching his videos after he sold this junk to me.

    You make great videos and really enjoy watching them and here is where "CM's" system wins and loses. You are doing it right with his….Your betting against a 6 B or 6P in a row….ITs a HIGH probability bet that 6 of one side wont show up at that moment. The problem comes is when it is bet over and over and over at same table or shoe. Six in a row is coming and soon…Just when no one knows but if you sit at 1 table long enough its going to kill you.

    Now on to the second part of the problem with CM's system….Martingale. EVREY ONES FAVORITE MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM….WAS MINE TIL IT DESTROYED ME!!! I guarantee you and all the people watching if you play long enough your going to get clipped by the six (Chris's Original system he sold me) or the REAL system he plays …Marty til I win or table max. lol.. Any moron can play that.

    So the only way to win with "SYSTEM 1" is to do what you do….Jump around tables and pray you win within six (or you said 8….with $5 tables) and just hope you win more than you lose. If luck is on your side you should make good money on this BUT someday it will run out. I can hear all the Marty fans out there. "Your Stupid". "Your an idiot" I never lose with Marty. All I can say is….You have not played for the years I have. You have to win 64 Units in Marty and not lose 1 run of 6 (63) units to be profitable. Now calculate the time it takes to run around tables betting and winning a unit getting up and going to a new table and over and over and over 64 Times then it takes 6 hands to destroy that(8 step Marty you wont recover from). Lets say you did this and made 128 units over time and then one day get clipped for 63….Heck yea your still up 65 units. But damn. How much time did it take you and now you have to climb back up. 1 Shoe at a time.

    Now…. for the good part…..There are a lot of good Money management systems out there that you can use that will keep you in the game longer and SYSTEM 1 will work pretty well long term. Not getting into them buy I win everyday so there is a way.

    Just a long time player giving advice….Take it, dont take it, I dont care….I just hate seeing good people with hopes and dreams of being a gambler lose their money case of not know the reality of the system they play long term.

  5. Nice video!
    Just so you know the math on 9 Marty. You would have to play 40 full shoes without going bust, just so your profit would equal the 1 time you did go bust.Thats why if fools so many players, be cause let's say they dont even play a full shoe, and they play 100 times, they think ots foolproof, but they just havent played enough to know better.

    9 Marty's is hard to do, but it's out there, even on BBP or PPB
    Especially on BOSS

  6. Thanks for the video Wilson. Most of Baccarat players use the Big Road but can we start to say that the Bead Road might be the way to go? For now I would say YES!
    I just have a twist in my system. Instead of waiting for 3 opposite or 3 match, I wait for 3 different ex: OMO and my next bet will be O to try to find a match. I its OMOM, my next bet will be M to try to find a match. So after 3 differents, I bet to find a match.

  7. Hi, this time the video that helped me to understood completely about Debbie's system so if I am going to use it with 8 steps of martingale system that I might have never lost the money again. Thank you so very much and much appreciated!!!!

  8. If you had to pick one. Would it be your banker banker player strategy or Debbie's strategy. By the way thank you so much for taking the time to clean things up. You are a true champion

  9. This a a working system so far tested two shoes on bovado 1st shoe got 5 units and had to get to the 3rd martingale only one and on the 2nd shoe got 8 units and got to the 5th martingale only once.. thanks Debbie and thanks for showing

  10. I sure enjoy your videos.

    I'm guessing you make your own scorecard with the bead count because you don't include the ties.

    When you do make your own scorecard with the bead count how many entries in the column (I've seen 6-10 before) do you make before starting a new row?

  11. If you ladies and gentlemen want to win at baccarat and roulette. Have patience look for a 3 in a row and make up to 3 bets against it. You will win 99 percent of them. If you lose the three, just wait for 3 more in a row and continue your Marty. Do this in the same shoe. The odds of 2 six’s rare. Does it happen……..EVERYTHING HAPPENS. If you watched enough hands or spins. You will see any patterns you choose beat you. I will also tell you this…I have a buddy that works at a Hard Rock casino. He says the casinos LOVE 2 types of bettors. Flat bettors and Martingale bettors. They make all there money off them.

  12. Now thats a much better way of explaining-nice vid. I have also watched and read every possible bit of information regarding baccarat and can honestly say your information is as good if not better than anything else.


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