1. Great video sir
    Two questions if I may
    1 – I noticed your simulator never has a dragon tail – biased ?
    2- my banker repeat system using 6 step Marty I passed 325 shoes 1 unit per betting early in the shoe hands 1-25 and if your bored can you simulate it ?

  2. Once again thank you for your assisting us to learn more and be better at casino gambling.
    Its always fun when you win and although I am not a fan of martingale I tend to allow for a five Marty bet because where I live (Philippines) the min bet is 100 (Pesos) and the maximum bet is 5,000 (Pesos) so a five run means a 3,100 loss if it fails.
    The system works well enough to pay for any losses along the way. Its entertainment for me (Like you) so I am happy enjoying my hobby
    Thanking you again fro your help.

  3. Hey Casino Amigo. Do you have a video on how to use the Baccarat Practice Simulator? Or does anyone reading this know if he has made a video on how to use the simulator?

  4. U have 63 ways of winning 1 unit , but casino has 1 way of winning to get ur 63units in that 1 way… So you need to win 63 coins out of that 63 times if u hit 1 losing pattern then u loose 63 coins… I cant get this point from long time , hope u help me know about this math

  5. Hi! I have made 2 major improvements to the Debbie system… I hope you can share this with her because I believe this to be safer and just as profitable…

    Let's call this the "Dougie Modification" to the "Debbie" system LOL..

    1. wait for 6 decisions..

    2. On the next column, INSTEAD of waiting for 3 B's or P's to match or go opposite, simply designate them as SAME OR OPPOSITE. 3. PRETEND THAT THE FIRST 3 DECISIONS WERE LOSERS, THEN BET THE OPPOSITE PATTERN UP TO 6 TIMES, FOR ONE WIN, repeat. If I get a winner within 3 bets I start over in the next column with whatever pattern comes up, so if it's Same Same Same I will bet Opposite Opposite Opposite for the next 6 times looking for 1 win. Rinse, repeat LOL

    For example, say on the 2nd column you get Same, Opposite, Same… so now start betting Opposite, Same, Opposite pattern (twice if needed, 6 bets). No waiting, PLUS you are betting that the casino can't match the last NINE decisions, even though your only betting 6…

    If you get to the 4th or 5th or 6th bet which is rare(the next column) I STILL use the first 3 decisions in that column as my new template for the next 6 bets…I hope Debbie can use this when the casinos re-open… Peace!

  6. Hello Sir, First of all, I like to thank you for all your great Videos. I'm definitely a fan… I've been having some success with "Mirror Betting" strategy, thanks to you (and Debbie), However I get a bit confused and not sure how to play when "Ties" pop up during Mirror Strategy, Would you kindly please Explain how to play "Ties" in Mirror Strategy on your next video. Thanks Again for all your inputs and tips on how to have the best chance of winning at the tables. You have been a Great Help.

  7. Hey casino Amigo, love your videos, can you tell me do you always start on a fresh shue or does it not matter?
    Do you play the whole shue or you stop at a certain limit ?

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