1. Red Rock is on the West Side in Summerlin. Nice casino. I got lucky & played Poker with Steve Martin one time.
    I’ll give Debbies system a try this weekend. I’ll probably wait for 4 In a row. 👍

  2. You can flat bet one unit for one shoe and then bet two units for second shoe and if still behind you bet four units for third shoe and so on until you are in front at which stage you just go back to one unit.

  3. Hey Casino Amigo, just thought I'll let you know that I have been studying approx 25 shues I've had recorded and in that 25 shues I have studied waiting for 3 opposites and 4 opposites before betting, the 3 opposites came up with a total of 3 loses so in those about of shues would've come about even, waiting for 4 losses produced 1 -4 wins per shue with no losses, only twice did it hit the 6th hand. I must say though, once you got a winning hand do not count that hand for the next opposite as this way saved me on 2 loses.

  4. Casino Amigo.
    Just let you know, i studied 1 full shue and it went with playing 8 same hands so i thought couldn't happen again, so i started to play the next shue, i waited for first 1st 6 hands to play and started playing, guess what, you guessed it, next 6 hands were all the same.
    If i waited for 4 same hands than start playing I would've hit it on the 9th hand so would've won.
    I think the way to go is wait for 4 same hands than play, maybe not have as many bets but in the long run will come out more in front.
    Can't understand how every shue you demonstrate they all win.

  5. I'm not sure which system is better, Debbie's or Wilson's but I use 5 bets though. It just depends on reading the board for me. I usually use Wilson's bbpbbp system except I don't have enough for the sixth bet. I've been doing this for like a month now, winning $50 a day. What I do is before I even walk up to the baccarat table, I'll roll a set of dice. (I keep a pair of dice in my pocket) Whatever combination I roll I set to a certain time to start Wilson's system. So for example, let's say it's 10:10 am and I'm on the casino floor; I'll roll the dice and let's say I roll an 8. I'll just conclude that it means to show up and start the betting system exactly at 10:18 am. (since 10:10 + "8" is 10:18 am) That way it's completely random. You just let the dice decide the time for you to bet, you show up and bet (if you can) and if you win you leave the table, roll another combination to show a different time, then show up at that time and win again. I've been doing this and stopping at a $50 profit per day for about a month now. Sometimes I'll even roll the dice for 2 different specific times to bet that are sort of close to each other. Like for example, you could have the second bet like 10 minutes apart from the 1st one. That way you don't have to keep coloring up, leaving, coming back, and "buying" back in. I think the point or moral of the story though is to give the casino the least amount of times to win against you. If you hit and run at a specific time, not only are you forcing the casino to beat you at an exact moment, but you're also forcing the casino to beat your exact sequence of betting too. I hope this helps someone. I really hope I can keep it going, my goal is to do this until I move to go to college in another state, and take out a student loan.

  6. Information guys, just watching a live dealer for a full shue and it went 13 hands identical in same ssme.
    Which we could send photos so i can show you all.

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