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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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  1. Well Said Wilson πŸ‘
    NO SYSTEM IS A 100% Guaranteed to win every Game..
    It is human nature that the GREEDY BUG πŸ› WILL GET YOU SOONER OR LATER..πŸ‘
    Cheers YouTuber Famo59 πŸ‘πŸ€“πŸΊβ›

  2. Welcome Back Mr Wilson.
    How True. It is ONLY 50/50.
    The best we can all do is choose some type of trigger combination and bet on what you see the Shue is doing or going to do…
    Fingers Crossed 🀞🀞

  3. tbh the bet selection doesnt really do anything, i personally dont believe in patterns. I have created a really good system, the only way you would lose is if the entire shoe has no single chop, which is kinda impossible because thats how the game is constructed. I can't really give out any information, not the main idea here is, not all shoes have a specific pattern, but all shoes have single chops. I scoop 3 wins per shoe and change tables, cause you never know how many single chops happens in one shoe, therefore u cant play the entire shoe, I've personally seen 6 singles in one shoe before(simulator tho, not real life shoe, that's the lowest i've seen so far). It took me quite a while to figure something that is very very hard to lose, all thanks to the free information on youtube

  4. Forget the rest I'm the best and for as little as $1000 dollars I'll show you the only way to win at Baccarat or any other casino game .
    If you call within the next 24 hours I'll throw In a new titanium hip
    Good to see U up and about Wilson.☺️

  5. hey wilson and all. glad to see you back. i may have come up with something to improve your mirror system. i suggest in addition to your 4 same or opposite , add 3 same but all 6 exactly the same or 6 bankers or 6 players. there are examples of this in your "winning at casino baccarat debbie" from march 30. and notice how quickly the winners came up. and that's the results i'm getting. i just started looking at 3 bankers up against 3 players with good results too. examples of this might be on the same video i suggested. so this might help get you to your target earlier. if you're not getting my drift, let me know. or let us know your results using this.

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