This channel is about how to win at the Casino
We are Casino Amigos, I’m Wilson a retired Photographer
I mostly Play Baccarat So that’s what most videos will be about.

So let me say thank you for all the support.
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  1. Are you counting banker the start of line 1 or line 2=
    Some of your circles looked like you counted on line 2
    Example on a three string of banker
    Then single player then you bet banker ?

  2. Works well. Was testing and checking it on other live tables. Later in the night it was only winning on the 5 and 6 marty. And then a loser. More testing is needed. But its a step in the right direction.

    Thanks for vid

  3. Another great video Wilson.
    Now I think you have developed something good uses both patterns.
    To play a whole shoe and end up +6.5 units is pretty good , if you ask me. Keep up the goid work and Congrats on going to 1k in subscribers! 😎👍👍

  4. Hi Wilson, I went through 20 old shoes from previous casino trips, it crashed 3 times, I personally hate betting Martingale, what I did notice was, if the bet won on the 5th it also won on the 1st on another run, interesting, thanks for the vids.

  5. Congratulations Wilson! You're over a thousand subscribers, when this virus mess is over with I would like to meet up with you to play baccarat.. stay safe brother

  6. Just an idea Wilson, If we see say BBPB should we start on the 5th Banker and play BPBBP or PPBP play PBPPB because we would have lost the first 4 bets, Hope you understand Maybe you could do a test. Keep up the great work!!!!

  7. Hi quick question to anyone. If you hit the tie. do you repeat it or move on BB(P=T) rebet P or do you bet banker BB(P=T)BBP.

    Ps. I think the hit n run is better if you look for the patterns then changces are you'll get caught. I used to bet after 6+ reds got busted on 17 reds. If you go looking for it chances are it may be the one buster. food for thought.

  8. That's why I like your hit and run strategy. It's important not to give the shoe a chance to beat you. I usually go out to my car and take a break after a win or maybe sometimes 2 (if I'm feeling risky). I have a set of dice out in my car and I roll numbers to pick the next time that I will go to the table again, that way it's completely random and the casino is going to have to beat me at the exact time that I sit down. Like for example, if it's 3:30 pm and I roll a 6 as the first combination and a 4 as the second combination, I'll just interpret that as "46" and go sit down at exactly 3:46 pm. I get my win, go take a break, and roll the dice again for a different time. That way you don't have to sit there and try to figure out when to sit down, you can just let the dice decide what time to sit down so it's completely random. If you do happen to get beat at the exact same time that your dice decided for you then that's just extremely serious bad luck. The odds of it happening are slim I think. I only hope that the casino doesn't monitor how I bet and set up shoes specifically to beat me. I have been making a lot of wins using bbpbbp. The pit boss gives me a hard time every time I sit down, like "Oh, it's this guy again…" or "Man, you weren't even here for 2 minutes." or every time I color up after a win it's, "You just got here, you're already leaving again?".. it sucks…. I try to make it seem like I'm just making random bets though. Hopefully they just think that I'm getting extremely lucky and I try to make it seem like I'm nervous like I don't know what to do and then I'll place whatever the next bet is in sequence.

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