1. Casino Amigo, system works well playing demo, would like to see you play live, I lost 4 times playing live over the last 2 days, with 1 shue going 3-1-3-1-3

  2. Greetings Mr. Wilson, love your video's. Btw, here in Vegas we call that system, "The Last 3 Underdog." It's the first one taught by the Pro's around here. Can certainly make a good living with it. This is our entry level, which you portray very well, and of course it can quickly lead to advanced levels as desired if truly seeking a Pro status. Usually this is all one needs for successful happiness. Cheers Casino Amigo…

  3. Love the new Western theme music. I picture you riding into town at sunset ready to draw and fire your six shooter right into the heart of the casino!

  4. I have a lot of success with this system but I wait for 5 in a row instead of three in a row before I start betting the same as the last three. It made a huge difference in winning.

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