1. Amigo it seems to me you are not treating this test as a marty bust on the sixth bet(which is $800). l think the simulator is testing a continuous marty with the same pattern as your largest bet was $3200(which is the 8th bet). If you have the bankroll large enough and steady nerves on the big bets you will be fine and dandy !

  2. I like your pattern better. Plus , you have the stop it the pattern is opposite. This pattern seems like it's going deep on Marty, too often for my liking.
    I like to hit and run too, more so than you, up $500 is plus 20 units!
    I would leave at plus 15 units , maybe even 12!

    Nice work! Enjoy all your videos!👍😎

  3. I realize this might be a big ask, but would it be possible to do an analysis of the combined profit for all shoes (i.e. all 25,000 plus) for each pattern? It would really confirm which pattern is best in the long run. Cheers, Kevin

  4. check this out RUN B -25 B-50 P-100 TOTAL IF YOU LOSE IS 175  THEN START BETTING OVER at B-50 B-100 P-200  total is 350 HIT THE bigger bet twice then start over at lower bet if you hit 7 in a row on little bet stop betting that shoe until you would of made a bet you lose on you should be able to make 150-200 easy a shoes with only risking a lot less money you do lose some bets but not as hard to get your money back  CHECK THIS OUT  bob m

  5. Hi @CasinoAmigos
    just want to ask when you say PBPPBB and the
    first shoe is P. that a WIN right?
    Then, you will start at P again? or continue with B?

    is that right?

  6. I have a couple questions for you. I started playing bbp a week ago and it is working. Today I had to go to 6th progression twice. Have you ever lost 6th progression and if so what did you do? Also in a recent video you were on your simulator and using bbp but when it went pp and you would have switched to player…you stayed on banker 2 more hands??..Yes, you won on the 4th banker but that wasn't following the pattern.

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