1. Ohla Amigo, I am not sure if your simulator can be set up to test flat betting rather than Martingale but if it can then how does this pattern do with Flat betting? Also how does your BBP pattern do with flat betting?

  2. Hi, this system Fred supplied is actually a system from Jason Sample, it is played BPPBB win one unit and move on to a new line of PBBPP win one unit and revert back to BPPBB, and so on, Jason flat bets but a progression works as well.

  3. Instead of Martingale…Can you simulate the STEARN method?
    The biggest problem with Martingale is that the rate of winnings, in this case winning at the rate of $10 per win, is not enough to offset the losses when they happen. The house limits take care of the possibility of using a ten bet or longer Martingale type progression.

    Beat the Casinos the Stearn Way!

    In playing the Stern system, the player will find that over half of the wins occur with the first three wagers. Part of the strength of this system is that winning on any of the first three bets produces a respectable win. If the player wins and successfully parlays the first $10 bet, he will have won $30. If he wins and parlays the second bet, his win will be $20. A parlay on the third $10 bet will produce a win of $10. The table below shows the amount of the parlay wins at any point in the betting series when a wager is won and parlayed.

    Series Bet 10 10 10 20 20 40 40 80 80
    Series Win With Parlay 30 20 10 30 10 50 10 90 10
    The parlay wins on the larger bets are quite large in relation to the bets in the series. A parlay win on the first $80 bet produces a net win for the betting series of $90, which is larger than the largest bet required in the betting series. The smallest win possible of $10 is more than 10% the size of the largest bet required of $80. This approach more than meets our criteria of wins exceeding 10% of the size of the largest bets required in the series. The win rate using this progression with the parlays is very good. A game lasting twenty to twenty-five decisions will produce a win of $100 to $150.

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