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  1. I tried your method. I played this game at RedHawk Casino. I immediately won $600.00 on a ten cent bet at $5 per bet. Then it took it all back.

    I get so nervous watching you play!!!

  2. Its not realistic because most people will never bet that high even though thats where the money is they simply cannot afford it. Machines now want to condition you to make at least a 5 dollar hit for a chance at anything so they cater to a small group who are willing to lose that much money knowing gambling is a business where the winners come back and so do the losers.

  3. This is what the casinos are doing now. I Won $180.81 at the Buffalo machine at the Mirage. Cashed out and put my ticket in Redemption machine. Got $180 cash. And 81 cents was given to me in another ticket. I ran it back through and got another ticket for 81 cents. Then I looked at the top of the Redemption machine is all kinds of tickets for small amounts. So another words now what they're doing is keeping your change. I thought maybe that was just the mirage. As it turns out the same thing happened at  Caesars. This is going to add up to Millions for the casinos. They must have all got together to think of this plan. Oh sure you can cash it in at cashier's cage. But who's going to bother for a few cents. I thought everyone would want to know.

  4. Your not afraid carrying all that cash around 😜☺️..I know when I hit a handpays, the scavengers come around wanting to beg for money…that is so annoying..I end up having to leave and go to a different section in Foxwood's Casino..

  5. The obnoxious drunk never fails. Don't want to remember anything you say. Go away. Please go away! The musician without music. Can you hook me up. No go away! You and your drunk girlfriend. Go away. Bama bama bama. Go go go away. Gheez

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