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Mirrow system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
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  1. It works as business, it is very possible, and doable. Just know your limits and use manageable units and never play each hand. Have a system that you are comfortable with. Make your own! All systems fail eventually, so have a method to deal with that. I use the following: if I lose three in a row, I stop then wait for my method to show a win, then start again. Example: if in the mirror system it failed three times in a row, then stop betting, watch (and still record the results) until it wins, then I would start playing again. I hope this is clear.
    It is being done in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. All the best to you CasinoAmigo folks!

  2. Hey Mr Amigo,
    Liking all your videos and strategies.
    I've learnt to play around 3 strategies on the 1 shue to win 3 units, that's 1 unit per strategies before moving to a 2nd table and doing the same.
    I have a 3rd strategy I play that seems to be working well also, can't remember how I come across it but they play 1 unit up on a loss and down 2 units on a win, I play Martingale and I find it works well.
    You do know i have no luck playing BBPBBP as I've got burnt several times so quickly.
    This is 1 of my srageties but like 1 said, once I win 1 unit I stop on that table playing that strategy and continue to win 1 unit each on the other 2 strageties.

    I would like to share with you to get your opion and let you decide if you want to publish it to viewers.

    Do you have an email address i can send you the explanation, it is very simple.

  3. Hi old guy. Me again..a not so old guy in the east. Just sharing my general perception on tis topic of yours here (bacarat as investment) so as to help good ppl in needed – like what u do bro.. (which i observed & test many decades ago). Here goes (pls do not laugh too loud if it all sound like a big joke):

    The seemly 'sure win strategy' is to set up a auto alignment setup which will let the winning flow in continously, and halt any wipe out loss when the tide turn..all in auto mode during any casino play! This way one can enjoy all the fun and perk (esp all free comp) offered by the casino establishment minus all the anxiety of decision making. The strategy and mindset shd be like the analogy of a sailboat which is aligned to just slide along the direction of the wind..and change course (with minimal manual intervention) however the wind move, thus the occupant of the sailboat can enjoy the beautiful scenery, feel plus all the wonderment of the great casino' ocean. And tis sailboat, base on my humble research for the longest time, already existed on tis planet for those who truly seek with good intention. Btw I do not hv it yet (that boat)..but you come close bro. And thank you old man for yr channel to share yr valuable insight to all :))

  4. Thanks Bud . . . fast question (and I apologize if I misunderstand the fundamentals), what do you do if both scoreboards call for a bet on different positions at the same time?

  5. Okay I like Baccarat as a better alternative for me to make money.
    It is less complicated for me and so far mt session success rate is running at 04.64% or for 56 sessions played I have only lost three times this month.

    Also I would have trouble making the eighth bet in your betting sequence – and have seen a few nine runs of losses occur.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

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