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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is
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  1. Thanks for your wonderful video again. I learn something everytime I watch your shows. Quick question…do you think playing ‘No Mirror’ with rows of 7 instead of six gives you a better chance at winning at least one each row?

  2. Wilson, ask Craig to change his program to allow you to enter all the hands in a shoe and then have the program reshuffle the results as you change the # of rows in Bead Road. That way, you don't have reenter the results every time you change the # of rows. Secondly, it's always better to follow the flow rather than going against it. In other words, try betting that the hand mirrors instead of betting that it doesn't. Lastly, every one of your subscribers should spread the word about your site. I'd like to see you hit the 2k mark on subscribers.

  3. Hi Wilson thank you for your videos. I enjoy watching it. I’m a truck driver and am on the road most of the time over 48 states. When I’m bored I turn your videos on. Makes my day more fun. I have been watching your videos for the last couple of months now. I love watching and continue watching and being your subscriber. Can you please send me your simulator? I like to play when I’m off work practicing. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Wilson, I've been watching all your videos and I would say that this is a really big thing for us. I'll greatly appreciate it if you can share your mini simulator with me. My email:
    . Thank you in advance.

  5. The fact that we create rows of 6,7, etc… does not affect that each roll is random. After winning you should start a new bet sequence regardless if your in the middle or any part of the row of 6.

  6. Hi Willson.
    Thanks for another great video.
    Question for Craig.. Here in Australia we can not use laptop or tablets while at the tables.
    Could Craig make the mini bead road simulator for use on an Android Device?

  7. I like this system but I prefer giving four start before I start my first bet. After watching this video I thought about playing this with only one bet per six – so after the first six I would play the first one of the second row and win or lose I would bet the second of one of he third row etc,… So all up I would only have six bets parlayed for six rows.

  8. I see why you like rows of 7…….a row of 6 has odds (of all mirroring) of 1 out of 63, Increase it to a row of 7 and you double (almost) your odds to 1:127, 8 is 1:255 and 9 is 1:511. Seems like; if you waited for the first few (1?,2?,3?) numbers to play and you had a match (mirror) that you could then start betting on the rest of the row at a higher level (??)

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