1. You are so right about the PRESSURE of playing full-time. I played craps and baccarat professionally in Vegas back in 2016 and it was definitely a factor to deal with knowing that was my only source of income.
    I want to know your thoughts about the shuffle machines. Do you believe that they are truly producing random results? I see occurrences with those that are way off from what I have seen from the 6 deck hand-shuffled shoes I play against online. Would love to hear your input! Thanks.

  2. Hi Buck,
    I don't think the casinos can really control patterns or outcomes as long as the shoes are cut.
    I do believe that hand shudfled cards produce more runs or streaks.


    Dr. Tom

  3. Man. To be up 90,000 and lose it all is ridiculous. However i disagree somewhat with his idea of a stop win goal. I do agree with the stop loss but setting a stop win goal will virtually never allow you to reach those huge wins like the guy who was up 90,000$. I do agree that you should have a rule of some sort but capping your winning potential is silly imo. My rule is 10%. If im on a hot streek and winning i am not going to leave the table. But at any point if i lose 10% of what ive won up to that point i will cash out. However i have to at least double my money for me to apply this rule. My thoughts are that if i cannot afford to lose what my initial buy in is then i should not be using it to gamble. And i am there to win money not to break even. So for example if i buy in for $100. And i eventually win up to $200. At that point i have doubled my money. So my 10% rule would go into effect. So if i lose back down to $180. I cash out. Or say i turn that $100 into $1000. If i end up losing and go back down to $900 i cash out as obviously 10% of $1000 is $100. So if i lose $100 of of my $1000 winning ps i have just lost 10% of my winnings and that is my rule so that is when i decide to cash out. But by following this rule instead of just setting a stop win before you start playing at least you have a potential to have those big paydays if you luck is hott. Because say you set a stop win of $500 before you start playing. That is still a good day by any standards imo. You just profited $400. No complaints there. However you are eliminating the chance that you could potentially get up to that $1000 mark. Or $90,000 mark for that matter. My 10% rule allows the possibility of you making uncapped amounts of money. And is still a safeguard to be certain you are never going to walk away empty handed. Imo there is only upside to the 10% rule over just setting a stop win rule before you start playing and no downside. Sure you may lose 10% of what your stop win was set at. However the anount that you can win over top of the stop win amount is literally infinite.

  4. Deal first or bet first. Believing shoe means bet first. Fair means deal first. Four cards are dealt and two cards are stand by. Unused stand by cards are used for coming round. No remote control or pull out issue.

  5. There's no system……just a consistent structure…..great advice….phsycology of the game is the most important as he has discussed….once you get emotional,Murphy's law will get you when your down,so it's time to leave and listen to Kenny Rodgers….

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