Coming to you with a Zara Red Temptation perfume review in todays video. I will be discussing if Zara red temptation smells like baccarat rouge 540. It is a baccarat rouge 540 dupe? I have seen a lot of people online comparing Zara red temptation to Baccarat Rouge, and I wanted to see for myself and share the real tea. I haven’t always been impressed with Zara perfumes for women, but has this fragrance made me change my mind? I do enjoy keeping up with what is trending online, and I have seen Red Temptation Zara perfume doing ROUNDS on Instagram, from Melissa Wardrobe giving the fragrance a shoutout. And you know me, I don’t give into hype, I like to try things myself and tell you my honest opinion. Zara perfume dupes are everywhere, they have affordable options that smell like a lot of our favorite fragrances, but is this one of them? Is it a baccarat rouge 540 dupe? Find out in this video by watching my Zara Red Temptation perfume review.

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  1. I do hope we have that here !!! I need to check that out.. i don’t really mind if it is an exact dupe or not… as long it is a good scent itself ❤️❤️❤️

  2. So glad your channel was recommended! Great review, I was curious about this fragrance. Praying you feel better soon 🙏🏽New subbie👌🏾💕

  3. To get the best performance from a Zara perfume, go in heavy on the cloth application. You'll even smell it till the next day. On the skin, you'll be let down dismally, sometimes I get only 30 minutes😥

  4. I love how Dolce and Gabbana The One smells on me, but the top notes leave me after about 1 hour I throw Zara Black Amber in my bag to Top it off to refresh the top notes with for summer and spring. YUM! I get tons of compliments with this combo every time. I would love more dupe house reviews with "scores" of how close or good they are.

  5. I've tried almost 40 Zara fragrances (mostly sample sets, plus a few bottles). The only one I like is Nuit, which I bought the largest bottle of (to me it's a balanced vanilla, with nutty toasted marshmallow notes, and not sickly sweet at all). But all the others either irritated my nose (which is rare for me), or the best part was the top notes which only lasted 5-15 minutes and then the fragrances either became irritating or disappeared. I'm interested in Red Temptation though! Thanks for the review!

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